Musescore crashes upon being opened

• Aug 28, 2020 - 01:36

I'm on Windows 10. I just updated to the latest update, and I must have messed something up, because now whenever I try to open Musescore it crashes nearly immediately. The weird thing is that if I open it up by opening a .mscz file, it works fine, and I'm able to use it like normal. I've tried resetting it to factory settings and that didn't change anything.


I have started seeing the same issue on Aug 29 though I knew that it worked on Aug 23. In-between, I have not updated Windows 10 (64 bit, ver 1909) though I did on Norton Security and DVDFab. I uninstalled and re-installed both versions of MuseScore 3 (App on Microsoft Store) and MuseScore 3.5. Is there any information I should provide?

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Thank you, Jojo for your quick response. I even cannot get to that stage. I tried to start MuseScore by double clicking the file. But, it gets freezed even before showing the startcenter. It just get freezed. Is there any way I can completely uninstall MuseScore so that I can install cleanly?

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Have you checked to see that Norton is not preventing it from running? Try first running MuseScore with the command line option to revert to factory settings. See for instructions. Uninstalling only removes files actually installed. There are files created by MuseScore that are not deleted when you run uninstall the program so this rarely works. Reverting to factory settings deletes the new files and recreates then new for your system and usually is more effective.

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