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Forum topic MIDI export saves wrong instruments mrdlink 27 2 months ago
Handbook 3 Staff Type Change neGjodsbol 0 4 months ago
Issue MuseScore crashes during start-up while displaying "Start center" Bacchushlg 98 7 months ago
Issue Parts: Cannot remove staff neGjodsbol 4 7 months ago
Handbook 3 Piano Roll Editor neGjodsbol 0 8 months ago
Handbook 3 Learning MuseScore neGjodsbol 0 8 months ago
Issue Format > Style window is too large geetar 53 8 months ago
Issue Adding time signature breaks a tie across barline neGjodsbol 16 9 months ago
Handbook 3 Get Support neGjodsbol 0 10 months ago
Forum topic 2nd Time Only Jelly Penguin 4 11 months ago
Issue Missing ToolTip neGjodsbol 9 1 year ago
Issue Parts Dialog Problem with Voices chschmid 10 1 year ago
Issue Piano Roll Editor: No boundary check on "Velocity" and "Length" neGjodsbol 3 1 year ago
Forum topic Marking-defining parts A, B, C etc for further use in the score. 48 1 year ago
Handbook 3 Inspektør neGjodsbol 0 1 year ago
Issue Name note input shortcuts the same as in the note input tool. mike320 18 1 year ago
Issue Page Settings - Redundant "undo" entry Niels Erik Nielsen 2 10 1 year ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.0 Beta Release Anatoly-os 174 1 year ago
Handbook 3 Score Comparison neGjodsbol 0 1 year ago
Forum topic Initial documentation of new features Marc Sabatella 7 1 year ago
Forum topic Dialog boxes are too big berasun 26 1 year ago
Issue Request to rename "Timewise delete" command bebs 35 1 year ago
Issue Tool tips in the palettes of both workspaces and the master palettes are not translated Jojo-Schmitz 15 1 year ago
Forum topic Failure to start MuseScore after build neGjodsbol 2 2 years ago
Page Håndbog til MuseScore 3 neGjodsbol 0 2 years ago