3.5.2 is a mess!!!

• Oct 25, 2020 - 11:55

This update is sh...tty mess. It asks a very suspicious process to be closed,
On my Surface Go it CRASHES!!! All the time. It's ridiculous. I will be forced to reinstall the whole thing.
Sorry guys, but it's a complete crap from your side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do give us some more information so that people can understand your problem. For example:
1. Did you have an earlier version of MuseScore working successfully on your Surface Go?
2. If so, which version of MuseScore?
3. What is the exact error message about MS 3.5.2 "asking a very suspicious process to be closed"?

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I've had 3.4.2 working fine. It was a previous version.
I don't remember the message because I didn't make a screenshot, but it was not an ERROR. It was asking for a specific process which should be closed, and was not closed properly by MuseScore on the Surface.
On my other machine I've chosen NOT TO stop the process and reboot the PC after the intallation. And it worked.
On Surface Go I wanted MuseScore to execute it and it was not successful. It's a first time I was asked for this kind of operation. On two PC's the same.

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It's not clear if the message you are talking about is on install or on running. It's perfectly normal for any Windows install to occassionally report something like this, since the OS will not let you update a file that is being used by another process. Someimes it works to shut that other process down, sometimes it does, this is all normal. In the cases where it doesn't, then completing the install after rebooting is the usual solution, not just for MuseScore, but any time this happens.

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Well I've never had any issue with any other sotware like this. I've had this issue while UPDATING, installing the update. Musescore FAILED to kill the process, although there was no other app running. After the update the app doesn't start. This is clearly the Musescore update issue, present on two of my computers.

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Glad you haven't had this experience before, but again, it's inherently in the Windows update process and actually quite common, probably happens to me a hundred times in the decades I've been using Windows. So, seems the problem with the update itself is resolved, right? It successfully updated, except possibly for the file it couldn't update because of the running process.

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Meanwhile, have you read the solution to the crash on startup? There are actually several. One is to start by double-click an existing score, which bypasses the start center. Assuming that works, you can then disable it for future startups in Edit / Preferences. But, there are also reports that the Windows "repair" option may fix it more permanently. And on e of the crash reports specifically references one of the files used by the process that is probably the one that couldn't be stopped on your system. So my theory is that these two things are related, somehow whatever unusual property of your system that triggers the update issue, is also triggering the crash issue.

Unfortunately, we can't test any of this because none of us developers has been able to see the problem in action - as mentioned, it all works fine for most people, us included. Sorry you're one of the unlucky ones, but do try the workarounds and let us know how they go!

If by "suspicious process" you refer to the QtWebEngineProcess then that is just one of the underlying processes from MuseScore (here specifically used in the Start Center and Save Online functionality).
It seems indeed that on some systems (so far, you're the 3rd to report this out of about a hundred thousand installs) the installer fails to shut down that process correctly, thus preventing it from being overwritten by the new version.

One of the solutions may be to start the installer directly, without starting MuseScore immediately after you've booted your PC/Surface. That way, the process isn't running yet and the file will be replaced correctly.
Another possible fix it to go into your programs and settings and run the "repair" option of the installer after a reboot.

If for some reason MuseScore still crashes upon launch after that, then you might indeed be affected by the issue Jojo linked. The workaround mentioned there is to double click a score to launch MuseScore and subsequently disable the Start Center in the preferences.

Having same problem. Just installed new update and everytime I try to open MuseScore, it crashes and closes. There's a glitch somewhere in this new update.

I have the same problem. I don't even get an error message. It opens just fine, then the minute I try to do ANYTHING, it just goes to "not responding" and crashes.

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Right now we still can't reproduce this problem ourselves, but it does seem likely to be connected to the web engine within the start center, and which somehow get messed up during the updating on a handful of systems. Disabling the start center works around the problem. Presumably starting from the command line with the "-w" option would allow the start center to open, but without the web interface. We've also heard reports that for some people at least, running the Windows "repair" option fixes the issue as well. Hopefully if we get enough clues like this, we'll be able to figure out what is going on even without being able to reproduce the problem ourselves. So anything else you can tell up would be useful - like if the repair works for you.

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"Disabling the start center works around the problem. "
No, it seems that it doesn't. See my post in reply above. I did as he said, unchecked start center and it crashed as before. The only way for me to get to my score is to do it through my documents, find the score I want and click it. This will open up in MS and it is business as usual. Everything else does not seem to work. This work-around fortunately enables me to get to my work, so I am happy there. Please let us know when you are able to fix the problem. And, thanks once again for all you folks do here! The good and the bad results come with trying to improve the product.

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Please read the answers you were given more carefully.

You yourself have written and confirmed what we are stating: when I click the start center it crashes. Exactly!

Now what we have asked you to do is after launching MuseScore by double clicking a score; Go to Edit → Preferences and there UNcheck the Show Start Center option. Then close MuseScore.

This will prevent MuseScore from trying to open up the Start Center when launched via the icon.
MuseScore will still crash when you deliberately open the Start Center; so don't do that. There is nothing the Start Center offers you that you can't do via File → Open...

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As in my reply above to J Stringer, I did exactly as you both are telling me and the results are the same--I can't open MS from the icon. Period. The only way I can open is through the document approach. So long as I don't try to open [the disabled] start screen, it is perfectly stable. But no icon to open MS.

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This (unlucky for you) makes you a unique case.

As far as I'm aware, the only difference between those two methods of launching MuseScore (from the icon vs from a file) is exactly the opening of the start center.

Might need some more investigation on the dev end to try and figure out if anything else could be different as well...

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Does this work?

Open MuseScore using the document approach.
Go to File -> Open Recent and click 'Clear recent Files'.
Go to Edit -> Preferences and put a checkmark back into the 'Show start center' box.
Close MuseScore.

Now see if you can use the program icon to launch MuseScore.

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@jeetee... FYI - an update for clarity (through all the crosstalk)

Regarding the Start Center our user unchecked 'Show start center' but did not see (offscreen for him) the OK, Cancel, Apply buttons located at the bottom:
for the aha! moment
as to whether a warning should be provided.

Should this be considered a general computer usage sort of error (like oops, I should've known better)?
...or a need to make the software positively and absolutely ...foo... umm... error...proof?

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I'd rather have us better dealing with different screen formats and keeping the bottom buttons on screen (perhaps by having a scrollbar in the top section if necessary) than throwing out a popup that might annoy regular users.

It is kind of common dialog practice to have the Close button of the dialog equal the Cancel button/function of a dialog; so I personally am not too keen on changing that.

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OK, but wait - you 8did* successfully start by double-clicking the score? So somehow you did workaround the problem. The question now then is why disabling the start center didn't allow future starts to work. Are you by any change having MuseScore set to open a specific score / set of scores? Maybe one of them is corrupt and triggering the crash. Try then also checking "start empty", maybe also disabling any other windows you might have enabled on startup like the play panel.

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No, I have MS set to open the Start window, or at least I did before I de-checked it today. So, no corrupt files. My work-around is to open my MS score from the file menu. No problem this way. I shall wait for the problem to be fixed, but at least I have access to my work.

In my case, I got angry and uninstalled the MuseScore and installed it again. Now it works, with all the autostart features disabled.

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"Start Center" should be the very first thing in the File menu.

But my post was in reply to @doministry, who said he got things working but uninstalling/reinstalling. If you haven't done that, or tried the "repair" option in the Windows installer, then I wouldn't expect the Start Center to work for you yet. I recommend trying the repair first. Some have said merely rebooting was good enough to fix it for them, but I'm a little more skeptical about that.

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Understood. But it appears the reinstall might have fixed the problem for good on your system,. To check, I'd like you to try File / Start Center (close any open scores first). If the Start Center appears and there is no crash, you should be good to re-enable the Start Center on startup as well, in Edit / Preferences. if you like, no harm in leaving it disabled also.

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Understood. Still it would help us to know if opening it from the File menu crashes or not now that you've done the reinstall - again, since we can't reproduce the problem, we are relying on clues from those few users who do see the problem. So some time when you have a moment and no open scores you would worry about, we'd love it if you could check for us!

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Excellent, thanks!

I think what we are seeing is that the issue has to do with a particular file that is used by QtWebEngineProcess not being updated properly in some cases, most likely because it can't be updated while the process is still running. But unfortunately, we're still not sure of the details - like exactly which file, or what exactly goes wrong. But at least we're closer to understanding, I think, than we were a few days ago. So thanks again everyone who has helped provide information on this!

Normally, i don't go through the program's update mechanism, but choose to manually download the installer whenever I decide I'm ready.

However, in light of the issues presented here (and since I was still on ver. 3.5.1), I checked for updates through the MuseScore app via Help -> Check for Update and I got this:
Install 0.png

So, I went into the Update tab in Edit -> Preferences and clicked 'Check for new version of MuseScore'.
I then went back to Help -> Check for Update and was successful in initiating the install until:
Install 1a.png
this appeared:
Install 1b.png

The first radio button: 'Close the applications... etc.' presented this:
Install 2.png

Pressing 'OK' brought me to that radio button screen again. This time choosing the second button (reboot required) completed the install.

Install 3.png

After rebooting my computer, MuseScore would not open with Start Center enabled. Only by double clicking a score and then disabling the Start center am I able to use the program icon to fire up MuseScore.

I found this log file in the same folder as the score I was experimenting with. Perhaps it may help:

1027/220745.783:ERROR:icu_util.cc(178)] Invalid file descriptor to ICU data received.
[1027/220745.783:FATAL:icu_util.cc(297)] Check failed: result.
GetHandleVerifier [0x00007FFA686DA301+130353]
QWebEngineUrlSchemeHandler::qt_static_metacall [0x00007FFA6866E054+5444]
QWebEngineHttpRequest::method [0x00007FFA689BE925+2311029]
QtWebEngineCore::BrowserContextAdapter::isOffTheRecord [0x00007FFA6864EE14+858324]
QtWebEngineCore::WebContentsAdapter::webChannel [0x00007FFA67F6161A+21530]
QtWebEngineCore::WebContentsAdapter::webChannel [0x00007FFA67F61B5E+22878]
QtWebEngineCore::WebContentsAdapter::WebContentsAdapter [0x00007FFA67F54C18+56]
QWebEngineHistoryItem::url [0x00007FFA93C63530+432]
QWebEnginePage::QWebEnginePage [0x00007FFA93C63873+147]
QWebEnginePage::QWebEnginePage [0x00007FFA93C637BD+45]
Awl::Knob::setSpanDegrees [0x00000001401E3DD0+1836643]
Awl::Knob::setSpanDegrees [0x00000001401E53CA+1842269]
Awl::Knob::setSpanDegrees [0x00000001400E7A6F+803586]
Awl::Knob::setSpanDegrees [0x00000001400F902C+874687]
Awl::Knob::setSpanDegrees [0x00000001400C7F95+673832]
Awl::Knob::setSpanDegrees [0x0000000140A7C4D4+10849639]
BaseThreadInitThunk [0x00007FFAACB17034+20]
RtlUserThreadStart [0x00007FFAAE95CEC1+33]

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Pretty sure I've seen it (once) each time I've updated MuseScore on Windows over the past few releases. Apparently connected to use of Start Center and/or Save Online. And I see your discussions on Telegram that it's been determined this process can get stuck somehow after a failed save online operation - and I run into that situation often, the copyright link/button doesn't work half the time.

Earlier jeetee wrote:
Another possible fix it to go into your programs and settings and run the "repair" option of the installer after a reboot.

OK... so I re-enabled Start Center, closed MuseScore, and confirmed that MuseScore would not launch via the program icon.
I went into Control Panel (Windows 10), enabled the repair option, and encountered this:

So I downloaded the installer MuseScore- from the MuseScore.org homepage and redirected the repair option to the downloaded installer.
A few seconds later (shorter than installing from scratch) the operation finished and I was able to open MuseScore using the desktop icon with Start Center enabled.
All is well.

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Another thing I noticed tonight: Whenever I open MS [I still have to open it from a file], I checked each time the preferences where I had unticked "start center" from the previous time. Every time, it was once again checked in the preferences. Is this any kind of clue? It just won't stay unticked. Weird.

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Are you closing MuseScore normally after you uncheck Start Center? If it crashes after this, the preference might not "stick." Are you clicking OK after you set this option. I know they're stupid questions but are necessary to ask.

One other not so obvious question, can you change any preference?

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I was about to respond that there is no OK after I reset. Then I pulled up the screen to the bottom and sure enough it was hidden! I clicked OK, closed it out as usual; I then opened MS normally from the icon--success!
Not stupid questions so much as stupid users.
I hope this helps y'all isolate the problem.

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Clues, clues everywhere! Yes, the only way out of the preference window was the X, at least until I pulled up the window to the bottom! And no warning about unsaved changes, either. As always, thanks for the work you all are doing.

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