Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Palette names are scambled and nearly impossible to read (Windows 7) ArchitectOfThought 12 2 days ago
Issue Slurs terminate in wrong spot in voices other than 1 mike320 7 2 days ago
Issue Beams in edit mode: issues with the adjustment of handles mike320 12 2 days ago
Issue Accidental shortcuts do not work in Re-Pitch mode mattmcclinch 5 2 days ago
Issue Entering notes with mouse fails in Italian TAB cadiz1 10 2 days ago
Issue Tie command does not properly handle chords with unisons mike320 13 2 days ago
Issue Bad key change after undoing the enabling of multimeasure rests mattmcclinch 4 2 days ago
Forum topic Rest Problem in 6/8 Timing Mechanic80 4 2 days ago
Issue Palette text problem with last two revisions of MuseScore 3 gillistg 2 3 days ago
Issue Section Break make the playback pauses before a repeat barline David Copperfield 3 4 days ago
Issue Long note continues to play indefinitely if I mute 1:st voice of tenor sax Lurdo 7 5 days ago
Issue Percent sign cannot be entered into text Marc Sabatella 17 6 days ago
Forum topic empty palettes in current cvs on MacOS dtaber666 14 1 week ago
Issue Close scores on clicking middle mouse button onto score tab Anatoly-os 11 1 week ago
Forum topic When in flat key, cycling up to get sharp key, sharp key missed. xavierjazz 17 2 weeks ago
Issue MuseScore crashes during start-up while displaying "Start center" Bacchushlg 41 2 weeks ago
Issue Slurs to grace notes disappear after inserting measures SteveBlower 15 2 weeks ago
Issue Fermata "play" property does not work Isaac Weiss 18 2 weeks ago
Issue Un-docked widgets non-intuitive to re-dock on macOS Riaan van Niekerk 19 2 weeks ago
Issue image attached to a measure doesn't show Xianyue賢越 17 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Adding an image via drag and drop doesn't save the image inside the score? kuwitt 9 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Adding Accidentals with shortcut after note entry Nevin Williams 10 2 weeks ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.3 Release Candidate 3 Anatoly-os 11 2 weeks ago
Issue Instrument change should be able to apply to multimeasure rest SteveBlower 3 2 weeks ago
Issue Crash by undoing/redoing in main score a copy-paste made in the parts cadiz1 14 2 weeks ago