Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Allow setting notehead scheme on a note-by-note basis in the Inspector jeetee 1 1 hour ago
Issue Scrolling among staves with keyboard shortcut Boente 6 2 days ago
Issue Insert measures in mmrest mode leads to corruption/crash Gai-Luron 5 2 days ago
Issue Crash on load of score with staff type change on measure 1 Marc Sabatella 7 2 days ago
Issue Cross-Measure Beam Custom Position Not Restored LuuBluum 5 2 days ago
Issue Set default shortcut to "add brackets to element" vs "add parenthesis to element" Marr11317 2 3 days ago
Issue Provide options to change default transposition options awillkey 6 6 days ago
Issue Incorrect segment type for fermata mattmcclinch 6 1 week ago
Forum topic MuseScore Crashes for one file jchrismucci 9 1 week ago
Issue J does not respell Fbb, Cbb, B## or E## mike320 2 1 week ago
Issue B# and Cb octave change enrico.dellaquila.7 10 1 week ago
Issue TAB - Mixing mensural value symbols and beaming in historic tablatures is broken cadiz1 2 1 week ago
Issue [Tablature] Note value repeat section: setting "Never" broken cadiz1 8 2 weeks ago
Issue Deleting rest in voice 2 may result in offset rest in voice 1 with zero offset indicated by inspector SteveBlower 9 2 weeks ago
Issue Can a plugin access on-time/off-time? DLLarson 305 2 weeks ago
Issue Crash when adjusting Absolute Velocity in piano roll editor Matt Montag 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Importing old .ove file makes MuseScore crash Horinius 19 2 weeks ago
Issue Crash when loading file with orphan Segment tags Christian Hafner 16 2 weeks ago
Issue Using the "Repeat selection" shortcut to notes within a tuplet crashes Musescore. BenjaminShoe8 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Make volta mouse drops apply only to first staff by default, unless user holds control to drop to a specific staff ericfontainejazz 14 2 weeks ago
Issue Mismatch between "To Coda" and "Fine" when the first is deleted before enable mmrests cadiz1 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Changing spacer length with a mouse is not undoable dmitrio95 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Incorrect drop anchor displayed while dragging a Volta ericfontainejazz 11 2 weeks ago
Issue Note symbols are truncated in Tab Preview cadiz1 15 2 weeks ago
Issue [Tablature] Note value repeat section: "At new system" renders the same as "At new measure" retepchase 24 2 weeks ago