Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Filling measure with rests be affected by time signature maestro_hanson 18 2 days ago
Issue Inconsistent octave selection in note input mode mike320 42 3 days ago
Issue MuseScore crashes when playing MusicXML file with chord symbols markshepherd 7 3 days ago
Issue Adding Intervals via "alt + number" command. antonjazzsax 6 3 days ago
Issue image attached to a measure doesn't show Xianyue賢越 26 5 days ago
Issue Invisible accidentals take space Asmatzaile 13 1 week ago
Issue ticks_f warnings when loading a custom workspace mattmcclinch 7 1 week ago
Issue Channel lists contain bad values after an instrument change Billy Shoulder 15 1 week ago
Issue Tempo entered in Create New Score wizard always uses quarter note Isaac Weiss 18 1 week ago
Issue Crash in debug build when dragging selected notes TheOtherJThistle 15 2 weeks ago
Issue MuseScore crashing when entering font name FSt-Drummer 10 2 weeks ago
Issue Non standard copy/past behavior (regarding text) Martin van der… 3 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Tempo value not correct gluon 2 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Music is coming out of my MacBook Pro internal speakers even when I have my headset plugged in. dlmecum 4 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Option for midi keyboard play, without note input Rubén Ibñz Crmn 1 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Staff Text Billy Shoulder 19 3 weeks ago
Issue Grace note tie crash Wilh3lm 16 3 weeks ago
Issue MuseScore crashes on export of the attached score neilpadgen 4 3 weeks ago
Issue can not change clef ynsun06181 7 4 weeks ago
Forum topic Cannot read file, bad format KenS 23 4 weeks ago
Issue Using Edit > Preferences causes crash when no score is open Jojo-Schmitz 9 1 month ago
Issue "Continue last session" (from Preferences > General) doesn't work anymore, starts empty instead Jojo-Schmitz 12 1 month ago
Forum topic Option to turn off Note Entry Mode Musikate 24 1 month ago
Issue Close scores on clicking middle mouse button onto score tab Anatoly-os 14 1 month ago
Issue Cannot input voice 2/3/4 in the latest nightly Howard-C 3 1 month ago