Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Changing time signature with septuplet/nonoplet and slurs results in crash cadiz1 3 10 hours ago
Issue Show invisible does not work until screen is redrawn mike320 22 11 hours ago
Issue Element Offset: spin box arrows not working properly geetar 17 1 day ago
Issue Automatic placement of single rests in multiple voice areas bothorsen 5 2 days ago
Issue Ctrl key is ignored when trying to limit barline change to single staff ciospe 1 2 days ago
Issue No relayout after deleting system break mattmcclinch 1 4 days ago
Issue Integer division by zero exception in Fraction::ticks() Louis Cloete 3 4 days ago
Issue Lyrics: select all and "X" causes program to freeze geetar 24 5 days ago
Issue Musescore 3 immediately crashes when opening score Ian de Jong 10 1 week ago
Issue Unable to add mid-measure clef on the first tick of a measure mattmcclinch 6 1 week ago
Issue Setting pedal and (de)crescendo lines to invisible doesn't work in PDF export and uploading Howard_C. 16 1 week ago
Issue User Text Styles settings are lost after saving cadiz1 7 1 week ago
Issue Unable to add fermatas to bar lines mattmcclinch 29 1 week ago
Issue Copying measure repeats doesn't work tktk 16 1 week ago
Issue Crash when removing a section break, or by various editing work before it, in a score with parts and MM rests cadiz1 21 1 week ago
Issue Wrong measure number when starting with a multimeasure rest ftyson 9 1 week ago
Issue Caesuras and sections breaks don't cause pauses in playback PotatoGuy223 27 1 week ago
Forum topic Bug: invisible pedal lines become visible on crispin 4 2 weeks ago
Issue Invisible pedal marks visible on Howard_C. 55 2 weeks ago
Issue Text style style changes not applied to existing chord symbols Hans Humblet 7 2 weeks ago
Issue Time/Key Signatures are placed outside of the measure kazuma yamamoto 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Dropping "Image" on note attaches it to segment instead. pbrenna 7 2 weeks ago
Forum topic MuseScore developer gathering at FOSDEM 2019 Thomas 34 2 weeks ago
Issue Request to rename "Timewise delete" command bebs 29 3 weeks ago
Issue Wrong vertical position of breath mark werner 14 3 weeks ago