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Issue Dynamics text is tiny in Petaluma font snieb 6 4 days ago
Forum topic Pitch Bend sounds wrong when exporting to midi? cjcat 7 3 weeks ago
Issue Keep chord symbols aligned vertically, even if adjusted horizontally snieb 3 1 month ago
Forum topic Request to having the alternative choice of “To Coda” kazuma yamamoto 8 2 months ago
Issue Can't open AppImage (libwrap not found) snieb 7 3 months ago
Forum topic Open Hi Hat (How to do Open Hi Hat in drum score?) Lee Meng Hee 7 4 months ago
Forum topic Real Time Collaboration [DELETED] 24774736 3 5 months ago
Forum topic cymbal choking during playback aceplayer 3 7 months ago
Issue "Play chord symbol when editing" crashes for chord symbols above fretboard diagrams snieb 4 8 months ago
Issue Can not open one particular my mscz.file anymore Guillaume Buizard 5 8 months ago
Forum topic Paste Double duration /Paste Half Duration discoverability Riaan van Niekerk 11 8 months ago
Issue Note duration not updating unless you move nicktcontact 2 8 months ago
Issue Cursor-note clipped nicktcontact 2 8 months ago
Issue Crescendos, decrescendos and forte pianos do not work with percussion tremolos (playback) (rolls) Vincent Charle… 3 8 months ago
Issue Mute Voice glitches in Mixer lasunncty 2 8 months ago
Forum topic Hitting Drum Sticks Together (Sound)? darkstream 6 9 months ago
Issue Playback of Chord Symbols drowo 20 9 months ago
Issue Integrate palm mute playback with palm mute lines Teemu Kielinen 10 9 months ago
Forum topic Bad percussion/drumset 流水の精霊王ミズマリリン 4 9 months ago
Forum topic Implement a "Propagate chord symbols to all parts" function. xavierjazz 5 11 months ago
Issue High Floor Tom in 2nd voice by default snieb 2 11 months ago
Forum topic Importing Drum Set parts from MIDI files Rhythmaticus 2 11 months ago
Forum topic Several AppImage issues (broken sound & menus) snieb 0 1 year ago
Forum topic Changing instrument via Staff Properties isn't changing the sound on playback. sethlamancusa 2 1 year ago
Forum topic How to change sound of new note added under "Edit Drumset"? sethlamancusa 3 1 year ago