Hitting Drum Sticks Together (Sound)?

• Apr 18, 2020 - 19:15

As far as I can tell, there isn't a sound of drum sticks being hit together available (as drummers often do to start a song), correct?

If not, is there a way to upload additional sounds that I find elsewhere into MS?

I'm trying to find an appropriate sound to set the tempo when others will play live with the score. Any suggestions are welcome. I've tried wood blocks but it isn't really the sound I want. Even a metronome sound would be better.


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Sadly none, you have to add it manually. The default Drum Set is a bit of a mess. ;)
Enter note input mode (N), and click on Edit Drumset. Sort by No., scroll to 31, and give it a name (e.g. "Sticks countoff"). Then it will appear with the other drum sounds in the menu below. Pick a note head style & position, and maybe give it a shortcut (replace E for tom, or F for foot highhat).

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