File save can't determine file type without extension

• Nov 25, 2019 - 00:43
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S4 - Minor

Many programs allow typing the name of a file without a file extension, and then allow a corresponding drop-down box for file-type to dictate the extension to the operating system without forcing the user to explicitly type the .extension. Musescore, however, won't save a new file without typing in the extension.

I.e., if the user types "my_file" without an extension, even though the extension drop-down box says "MuseScore 3 file", it won't save and grant an error-message. This should be fixed, as it is a minor annoyance. It's not major, most definitely, but it should be fixed, and this should apply for any file-type selected in the drop-down list without requiring explicit typing of the user. Same goes for exporting.

Interestingly, this doesn't seem to have been mentioned at all (I think it's easy to disregard the problem and not mention it since it's not a big deal).


Which operating system are you using. It works on Windows 10 as expected when the Use Native Dialogs option is checked. I didn't try it with the option not checked.

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Hey, nice point. Linux Mint 19.x here. No customization as to whether or not native dialogues have been changed on it.

Just tried enabling use native dialogues, but afterwards typing in a filename and making sure that no extension was used, the error "Cannot determine file type" still occurs.

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By the way, it looks like by default the Linux AppImage has [use native dialogues] disabled, whereas Windows has it by default enabled based on my experience. At any rate, a fresh install on Windows 7 with (default) native dialogues enabled doesn't have this problem, but if it's disabled, it does. And again, even with it enabled, I'm getting the error on Linux.