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Forum topic Plugins API design for MuseScore 3 dmitrio95 51 13 hours ago
Issue Figured bass style parameters not saved Miwarre 4 1 day ago
Issue Ledger lines for mix of small- and full-sized notes on same stem sized incorrectly chen lung 18 1 week ago
Forum topic Recording the Sound Track hpoocl15 12 1 week ago
Forum topic Sound lagging and glitchy jolischats33 9 1 week ago
Forum topic Compilation issues on Linux/CMake with Musescore 2.1 zip archive fabricesalvaire 17 2 weeks ago
Issue Tab: make font bold, italic or/and underlined Saitenpicker 10 3 weeks ago
Issue individual text style is not imported from V2-score Bacchushlg 12 3 weeks ago
Issue Figured bass duration line exceedingly thin, almost invisible, and too long Miwarre 0 3 weeks ago
Issue Plug-in code working differently when called directly and when run under Plugin Creator Miwarre 2 1 month ago
Forum topic 3 newbie questions! Alan Wilson 18 1 month ago
Issue Section break causes pause before repeats lasconic 38 1 month ago
Forum topic Control of lyrics parameters? Recorder485 36 2 months ago
Issue Show barline at beginning of measure after hiding measures Beethoven_ 8 3 months ago
Issue Implement temperament playback in MuseScore lasconic 21 3 months ago
Issue Expose gateTime parameters to plugin framework ChurchOrganist 4 3 months ago
Issue Ornament sound events: wrong articulation Miwarre 3 3 months ago
Forum topic adding note in plugin: sound ok, but not display berteh 9 4 months ago
Issue "Edit Text Styles" dialog needs a "Delete" button jpfleury 15 4 months ago
Forum topic Text entry for traditional Harmonic Analysis Tom Maynard 32 5 months ago
Forum topic 2.3.2: lines misplaced when reading 2.3.1 score Miwarre 2 5 months ago
Issue Lines misplaced on load if layout is different since last save Miwarre 1 5 months ago
Forum topic Reproduction bareer alberto.t 7 5 months ago
Forum topic C. Guillet, 6 Fantasies à 4 parties (1610) FOR VERSION 2.0 Miwarre 10 6 months ago
Issue In playback, appoggiaturas shift following note rather than subtracting from it Miwarre 7 7 months ago