Brackets for accidental do not propagate to linked parts

• Aug 10, 2015 - 16:43
S4 - Minor

To reproduce, try adding the parantheses from the Accidentals palette to an accidental in a score with linked parts. Result: no parantheses in linked parts.


I have a potential concern with this kind of issues; this concern arises from my specific usage of MuseScore, but I suspect it may apply to other use cases too.

Many of my scores are modern renditions of 'early music' scores, from notations which were different enough from the modern conventions to require 'decorations' of several kinds: footnotes, special symbols (for instance for ligaturæ or coloratio), editorially added (or parenthesized) accidentals and so on.

One common practice is to add all these elements to the score, but un-clutter the separate parts by omitting (some of) the purely philological indications, which is best left as a manual task (as editorial decisions are involved).

Now, having the indications automatically reflected from the score to the parts is fine; most in fact are; some are not, like the parenthesized accidental quoted in the OP.

However, if removing an indication from a part would automatically remove it from the score, this would be a disaster!

So, this kind of link should be one-way only; yes from the score to the part, but not from the part to the score!

I agree there is no particular reason these markings should not be linked by default. But I also understand the desire to sometimes have things in the score but not the parts, or vice versa. Mking them invisible is a workaround of sorts, but space would often still be allocated. I do hope to look at implementing ways of breaking certain links.

One interesting thing to note here: If the parenthesis is applied to a note (e.g. to indicate a ghosted note), rather than to an accidental, then it *does* propagate to the part (as would be expected).

Now that I look, there's actually quite a few of properties that don't link. Setting a chord or note small, changing head group or type, changing velocity, etc. There might be good reasons for some of these, or there might not. Some may end up being linked anyhow because the code that sets the property explicitly does it for all linked elements.

I guess there may need to be more discussion over what the expected behavior really is, and this underscores the need for a facility to control linking.

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I agree with this! I've experienced trouble with parenthesis for cautionary accidentals not transferring from the score to the parts, but to be able to unlink some features, such as frames and some layout features, would be very useful. I would love to be able to add title pages to my score, but not all of the parts, or maybe add a note for the conductor/performer that the other does not need to see.