Updated build for ARM?

• May 29, 2020 - 21:20
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Does someone still build Musescore for ARM? I noticed the last edition available as an AppImage (or in my repository) is 2.0.3. It'd be great to see 3.x on there, but if that proves too difficult, even 2.3.2 would be an improvement!


Which OS do you use to run MuseScore on your ARM device? I would suggest looking at packages from Debian project which builds software included to it for multiple architectures (including MuseScore), not sure whether they are possible to be installed on your system.

Thanks for the reply, dmitrio95.

I'm trying to run this on Raspbian. Fortunately, I met Mirabilos on the Musescore IRC channel (#musescore on Freenode), who was able to help me by providing detailed instructions on how to add the Debian "backport" repositories, get the "musescore-common" dependencies, and install both 2.3.2 and 3.2.3, both of which now will launch (though there are numerous problems with the soundfont/synthesisizer/audio-export).

I still think it'd be great, however, to see an AppImage for 2.3.2 (or 3.x, or preferably both) if anyone is capable of making one. I realize that AppImage is not the "normal" Linux approach, but it'd sure help Linux newbies like myself.

I installed ManjaroARM on my Pi4, and in their repository is Musescore 3.2. Therefore someone has compiled V3 for ARM.
But I do much prefer Raspberry Pi OS to ManjaroARM64

Hi Musescore team, if ManjaroARM64 can have a distribution of V3, is it possible we have V3 for the rest of the ARM world too please ?
You are leaving behind a substantial number of musescore users. Eric Fontaine ( https://github.com/ericfont ) compiled 2.3.2 for us on his own I think, many SBC users and Raspberry Pi 4 users would be eternally grateful if you could make an ARM64 distribution available.
( Now the Pi4 has 64bit OS available, USB 3.0, dual band wifi, BT 5 & Gigabit ethernet & enough memory for almost anybody it is the most viable SBC on cost/performance and a LOT of people are now using it as their main desktop. )

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Well, AppImages are usually compiled in the oldest possible OS distribution, so that they do not rely on modern libc libraries and can run in older systems.
A couple of years ago there was some effort to try to compile what was at the time the 3.0.x branch for ARM, see https://musescore.org/en/node/105901 but in the end I got discouraged and gave up because the resulting AppImage was not working and I could not really directly test it.
I think ericfontainejazz, as you wrote, has achieved some results in compiling ARM Qt 5 in the meantime, but I don't know how far he got in updating MuseScore build script.