Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Side panels not dockable after being undocked and closed once Fredrik Häthén 16 4 hours ago
Issue Tempo goes to 120 BPM even though I have a tempo marking set for 92 BPM. thelallierfam1 6 4 hours ago
Issue Start repeat causes hairpin to extend to end of next measure Leonardo P. 7 15 hours ago
Issue lyrics align is wrong on lyrics containing numbers and space Jojo-Schmitz 14 1 day ago
Issue MuseScore 3.1 Note Input - Induced Crash osubuki02 10 2 days ago
Issue Crash on duration command with single element selected other than note or rest Marc Sabatella 2 3 days ago
Issue Cannot move tied note into another voice hjunes 30 3 days ago
Issue Make staff properties "change instrument" and "change channel" available in plugin API. sambaji 1 3 days ago
Issue Playback initialization problem, delay until playback starts, with SF3 soundfonts TinyTrouble 6 3 days ago
Issue read114: Pedal/lineWidth falsely dependent on DPI_F mirabilos 1 6 days ago
Issue more DPI_F-related bugs mirabilos 2 6 days ago
Issue MuseScore 3.1 Crashes after Playback Kelly Stephens 4 6 days ago
Issue Score Editing Slow Commander Continuey 30 1 week ago
Forum topic BUG: Repeats ignored in exported mp3 or ogg sambaji 4 1 week ago
Issue Note symbols are truncated in Tab Preview cadiz1 10 2 weeks ago
Issue Undo adding instrument to score leads to crash mike320 10 2 weeks ago
Issue Quarter tone playback Plugin Does Not Apply Tuning (even after updating the qml file to MuseScore 3 format) AvgLink 6 2 weeks ago
Issue "gliss." text is misplaced on exporting score as image dmitrio95 0 2 weeks ago
Issue Single note dynamics is not working in non-GUI mode dmitrio95 0 2 weeks ago
Issue I Created A Desktop File for Linux Users jacobszelko 4 2 weeks ago
Issue Appimage missing --appimage-extract argument Thomas 4 2 weeks ago
Issue Incompatible version of OpenSSL in Ubuntu 18.04. igarcia 4 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Decryption plugin Александр Ларго 10 2 weeks ago
Issue Mixer changes width of inspector when undocked. sambaji 13 2 weeks ago
Issue Adding Instrument, after changing location in the Dialog, leads to crash mike320 30 2 weeks ago