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Forum topic My Score Will Not Process FONDRE YouTube 25 2 days ago
Issue Crash in a score with tremolo in invisible staff in multi-measure rest dmitrio95 3 5 days ago
Issue Note symbols are truncated in Tab Preview cadiz1 13 5 days ago
Issue Crash on open MusicXML file lacking time signature Grynde 10 6 days ago
Issue Cannot change instrument name or hide them in parts mike320 12 1 week ago
Issue Tool tips in the palettes of both workspaces and the master palettes are not translated Jojo-Schmitz 5 3 weeks ago
Issue MuseScore Plugins_Plugin Manager Listings - Every QML file listed even if it cannot be executed as a plugin. eugenearo 24 3 weeks ago
Issue Plug-in code working differently when called directly and when run under Plugin Creator Miwarre 6 3 weeks ago
Issue Include ability to get Harmony at a given tick in plugin framework mrehayden 8 3 weeks ago
Issue Plugin API: harmony.text field is not available othersimon 13 3 weeks ago
Issue Possibility for plugin to delete elements vgStef 5 3 weeks ago
Issue Port the add/remove functions that exist on the Chord cpp end into the 3.x Plugin API wrapper rob@birdwellmu… 40 3 weeks ago
Forum topic QML coding: can't initialize dialog of dialog-type plugin BSG 35 3 weeks ago
Issue Can a plugin access on-time/off-time? DLLarson 304 3 weeks ago
Issue remove() method for rests not implemented JazzClub 12 3 weeks ago
Issue Copy Constructor for notes and chords in plugins ManfredHerr 2 3 weeks ago
Issue Investigate differences between plugins ran from the Creator and the Menu jeetee 1 3 weeks ago
Forum topic VST Support calebstucky 2 4 weeks ago
Issue Cannot read property 'STAFF_TEXT' of undefined error when using TempoChanges brettvachon 9 1 month ago
Issue Importing old .ove file makes MuseScore crash Horinius 15 1 month ago
Issue Show a dialog reporting errors spotted in .ove import dmitrio95 0 1 month ago
Issue crash with negative number of dots for rests Jojo-Schmitz 8 1 month ago
Issue Sending a bug report does not restart MuseScore mike320 10 1 month ago
Issue Beam Middle not working across barlines PhilTA 17 1 month ago
Issue Dynamics/hairpin range for Voice Jojo-Schmitz 21 1 month ago