Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue SHIFT+_ does not insert melisma but underline previous syllable. Hyphen does not work occasionally tobik 47 27 minutes ago
Issue selecting the play panel leads to crash kuwitt 11 2 hours ago
Issue Selection Filter doesn't update the display of selected element cadiz1 3 4 hours ago
Issue Pianoroll and Drumroll Editor information should disappear if there's no score and update if looking at another chen lung 8 4 hours ago
Issue Chord symbols don't transpose Jojo-Schmitz 3 6 hours ago
Issue Swing text: playback lost geetar 2 7 hours ago
Issue Tuplets collide with other elements after being moved dmitrio95 6 9 hours ago
Issue Select two staves and use Explode tool results in crash cadiz1 6 10 hours ago
Issue Crash on entry of chord symbol without chordrest Marc Sabatella 1 10 hours ago
Issue The selection is lost and failure with R key by copying and pasting on multimeasasure rests cadiz1 8 12 hours ago
Issue Figured bass on consecutive notes not properly undone. mike320 4 12 hours ago
Issue Failure when entering note with mouse under the staff in Continuous View cadiz1 10 2 days ago
Issue Save selection which starts with a multimeasure rest leads to crash cadiz1 4 3 days ago
Issue Incorrect articulations position Anatoly-os 4 3 days ago
Issue Crash on paste of last tied note with some vicinity dmitrio95 3 3 days ago
Issue Trills and other ornaments play incorrectly on tied notes Marc Sabatella 33 3 days ago
Issue Special character do not display properly mike320 5 3 days ago
Issue Special characters window closes when clicked mike320 5 3 days ago
Forum topic Test script facility: a new approach to testing and reporting bugs Anatoly-os 3 3 days ago
Issue Copying and pasting two measures with rests causes floating-point exception TheOtherJThistle 8 4 days ago
Issue Copy-paste a multimeasure rest on another one causes corruption after undo cadiz1 16 4 days ago
Issue Staff type change difficult to add Niels Erik Nielsen 2 5 5 days ago
Issue Assertion failure when opening a file from MuseScore 2.X dmitrio95 4 5 days ago
Issue Problems installing on Linux TheOtherJThistle 14 5 days ago
Issue Incorrect Clef position on appending percussion instruments Anatoly-os 4 6 days ago