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My palette disappeared and there's nothing I can do to get it back. I even re-loaded the program. If I ask it to display the palette, it shows me a blank box. HELP!!!!!!


Using musescore 3 appimage on Ubuntu 16.04, my palettes have likewise disappeared. The left panel displays 'palettes' with a blank space. Reset does not remedy. Help, please!

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This screen image is from the beta2 , run from terminal with -F. Is there anything else I can do to get a more 'virgin' version? I have v3.2.3 on the system, and I notice that the settings on v3.2.3 have also been disrupted by the reset, which is to be expected. But I don't know if there is some other setting 'left over' from that installation. Also it was not the first time I had run beta2.

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As mentioned by using the AppImage of 3.3.0 beta the palette view looks fine for me with OpenSuse Leap and wm XFCE (as both: for beta1 and beta2 - see attached file).

Would be interesting, if an other user (with Ubuntu/Ubuntu derivate/other Linux system) can reproduce it and figure out what could be the reason, that there are no problems with 3.2.3, but with 3.3.0 beta for the user.

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I have a very similar problem. The palette is completely blank (and before that, the start-center is also empty with a black canvas), right-clicking in the paletet brings up some alternatives. and When I close MuseScore I get some more output in the terminal:

andka@jojoba:~$ Downloads/MuseScore-3.3.0-Beta2-x86_64.AppImage 
Jack appears to be installed on this system, so we'll use it.
QApplication: invalid style override passed, ignoring it.
QMutex: destroying locked mutex
qrc:/qml/palettes/Palette.qml:347:25: Unable to assign [undefined] to bool
qrc:/qml/palettes/Palette.qml:347:25: Unable to assign [undefined] to bool
/... Lots of these .../ 
qrc:/qml/palettes/Palette.qml:347:25: Unable to assign [undefined] to bool
qrc:/qml/palettes/Palette.qml:347:25: Unable to assign [undefined] to bool
QObject::disconnect: No such slot Ms::MyWebView::stopBusy(bool)

In Ubuntu 18.04 and using the Appimage for 3.3, Beta 2

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As mentioned, until now I can't reproduce it with Opensuse Leap by using XFCE (checked with Beta 1, Beta 2 and RC), so it doesn't seem to be an issue in general for me and don't have a clue of it.
Some thoughts: AFAIK an AppImage should have includes all necessary libraries. Still I wonder, if it could be a "unity" issue (but shouldn't be) and if there's any difference, if one of the Ubuntu/Mint users would run the application with another window manager.
(I didn't check the AppImage with the Qt variable before inside the terminal as mentioned)

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I tried running MuseScore in Ubuntu 18.04 inside Virtualbox and asked two people with Ubuntu 18.04 and Mint on their computers to try running 3.3 RC too. In all those cases palettes work properly. So it doesn't even seem to always be the case in Ubuntu.

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> One question: 3.2.3 uses Qt version 5.12.5. (following Help menu)

For me AppImage for 3.2.3 and all the other 3.X versions show that they use Qt 5.9.3. We tried switching to 5.12.5 but ended up with not changing Qt version for AppImage due to concerns on compatibility with different GNU/Linux distributions. So all release AppImage builds of MuseScore located on should actually use Qt 5.9.3. Did you get 3.2.3 version in some other way (by downloading some nightly build perhaps), or do you have Qt 5.12.5 installed somewhere in your system?

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See this discussion. Basically, the concerns were about building AppImage based on Ubuntu 18.04 while using Ubuntu 16.04 didn't seem possible because some libmir* dependencies were required in that case. It looks like @shoogle was able to work around that in his PR but that PR largely changes the entire AppImage building process and still needs testing.

If you have an empty palette in ubuntu (maybe works in other distros, too), try to install these files: qml-module-qtquick-controls2; qml-module-qtquick-window2; qml-module-qtquick2; qml-module-qtgraphicaleffects; qml-module-qtqml-models2

I hope it works for you, too

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Actually you shouldn't need Shift - that's only for the special-purpose "master" palette intended for customization purposes, not the standard palette intended for normal use. Just plain Fn+F9 is all you need for the standard palette. Fn is not Mac-specific, but on any computer that uses the function keys for multiple purposes, if the computer is configured to do the other purpose by default. Most computers can be configured either way - so that F9 by itself is really F9 and you need Fn to change speaker volume or whatever the dual function is.

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