MuseScore 3.3 Beta Update Release

• Sep 17, 2019 - 10:12

Today we are pleased to announce the update for the first Beta release of a significant update, MuseScore 3.3.

Download MuseScore 3.3 Beta Update Release

See MuseScore 3.3 Release Candidate announcement.



Complete redesign of the Palettes panel

Palettes panel is one of the most commonly used UI elements in the editor. By the way, there are a lot of reports from users who don’t understand how to customize palette cells, how to add custom elements and rearrange existing palettes.

In a collaboration with @Tantacrul, we focused on simplifying the interaction with the palette elements and ease of customization. We made the interactions more intuitive and integrated the semantic of Master Palette to the palette panel.

Check out Beta version and let us know what you think can be improved!


Read more about new features and improvements available in MuseScore 3.3 Beta.

For a complete list of changes made in MuseScore 3.3 Beta Update, see the release notes.


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