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• Mar 2, 2019 - 21:54

In Musescore 2, I made frequent use of a numbered musical notation ("jianpu") plugin. It no longer is available to me with the release of Musescore 3. How might I restore this function?


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As far as I understand the issues listed in the plugin's page, they can be resolved in MuseScore 3. Automatic placement for any given element can be disabled from a plugin by setting its autoplace property:
el.autoplace = false;
so autoplacement can be disabled for the added notation elements and, if necessary, for all the other elements programmatically.

tieBack property will be added back in MuseScore 3.3 so the issue with ties should be able to be resolved since that version.

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Given a part of Shakuhachi Notation plugin as an example, you can disable autoplacement for the added text element just before (or after) you add it:

var text = newElement(Element.STAFF_TEXT);
// some code goes here
text.autoplace = false;

Disabling autoplacement for other elements shouldn't actually be needed if your only goal is to make Shakunachi notation elements be placed at fixed positions, but if you still need it you can disable it for them too. The actual code would differ depending on which exactly elements you need to handle, but 3.3 version will, again, simplify that allowing to disable the autoplacement for the whole selection with a simple loop over the selected elements:

var elements = curScore.selection.elements;
for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; ++i) {
    elements[i].autoplace = false;

But, as I said above, it should be sufficient to disable autoplacement only for the added elements so I would recommend to try doing only that part first.

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I am very new to Musesore and the Jianpu plug-in. I just learned to use basic features of Musescore v3. I now want to compose in Jianpu (Numbered notation). I downloaded the plug-in: Jianpu_Numbered_Notation_v333.qml and copied it in the "Plug In" directory of the Musescore3 installation (Windows). I then use the Musescore Plug-in management menu to load it and it now appears in the GUI. I loaded a normal piece of song score, and ran the plug in. I expect it to convert it to Number notation. Is this not how it work? Or I must start a new piece from the beginning? Can you provide a simple step by step outline on how to create my first piece of Jianpu music?
Your time is appreciated.

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Thank you very much for the Jianpu plugin. I am using the latest version v344W and my Musescore version is I use the function "1 starts from (MIDI number)" to set the starting of 1 for different key signatures. However, the octave marks are wrong for some notes in some key signatures. They are highlighted in red in the attached Test.mscz. Please check if I use the plugin wrongly.

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