Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue MuseScore gives a "not responding" message when moving the mouse Nick Itzal 37 4 months ago
Issue Tabs behaviour change - Opening two scores on the same window Yohann Faure 53 6 months ago
Forum topic Musescore 4 It is possible to open multiple scores simultaneously. In this case, MuseScore opens each score in a separate window. mradson68@gmail.com 56 7 months ago
Issue command line mode should not require X server kovianyo 26 8 months ago
Issue 'Publish to Musescore.com...' overwrites score title with the filename kovianyo 1 1 year ago
Issue Development Build in Snap channel latest/stable kovianyo 1 1 year ago
Issue Consider using popups less kovianyo 1 5 years ago
Issue Put "Breaks & Spacer" into the main window kovianyo 4 10 years ago
Issue Save as in the same dir and with prefilled filename kovianyo 1 11 years ago
Issue cursor.measure() causes Segmentation fault kovianyo 5 11 years ago
Issue [MusicXML Export] [1.2] Key signature is not exported from a mscz saved with 1.1 kovianyo 7 11 years ago
Issue MusicXML: create a setting where only the explicit breaks are exported kovianyo 6 12 years ago
Issue [MusicXML] Harmonies are not exported into MusicXML when multiple staves are present kovianyo 5 12 years ago
Issue Shortcut does not work on second program start kovianyo 6 13 years ago
Issue how to get the length of a rest with plug-in script? kovianyo 9 14 years ago
Issue two modes for node duration changes kovianyo 1 14 years ago