two modes for node duration changes

• Sep 8, 2009 - 12:46
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion
won't fix


i don't know how it fits in the concepts, but
you could implement a second behaviuor when the use changes the duration of a note when not in note entering mode.

1) now: if i change the duration of a note, the position of other notes are not affected. so if i change a quarter note to an eighth, a rest is placed after the eighth.

2) a second mode could be where the notes after the edited one are pushed or pulled after the duration change, so changing a quarter to an eighth does not produce a rest, but the next note follows immediately.
if notes after the moving would not fit in the measure, they could be split with a tie, and ties produced from a previous moving could be removed by uniting the connected notes...

i do not always know the rhythm while entering the score, and in this second way ti would be easier to modify the score...




Since all measure in MuseScore must keep strict time it opens many problems. For example notes crossing barlines would have to change to tied notes. If you change back to the original duration the notes would probably remain tied (due to the way MuseScore stores the information for each note). If you made many changes all the long notes after it would have many ties. In other words it would be very difficult to implement well without making many, many changes. For the time being I'm marking as "won't fix".

There have also been a number of requests for unmeasured scores which do not keep strict time. Note input for this would probably work best as you describe in the second mode.

For the time being you can use copy-paste to offset notes throughout the remainder of the score. Also you might look as Canorus which uses the type of input you describe.