[MusicXML Export] [1.2] Key signature is not exported from a mscz saved with 1.1

• Jan 29, 2012 - 20:42
S2 - Critical

on Ubuntu, with Revision 5256:

save the attached file as MusicXML:
in the first (and only) measure there are two sharps, but in the MusicXML this is exported:

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Caused by a combination of three things:

1) The attached mscz file does not contain a KeySig element at the start of measure 1, which leads to the keysigs "generated" flag being set
2) Generated keysigs are ignored by the MusicXML exporter (even at tick 0)
3) If no keysig is found (after excluding generated keysigs) the MusicXML exporter writes a defaults fifths = 0, which is of course incorrect

To be fixed shortly.

The weird thing is that with the current 1.2, I do not know how to generate a file without a KeySig in measure 1. @kovianyo, could you explain how you created the attached file ?

I created the original score (attached) with, revision 3400, and it has still no KeySig.

then I opened it in 1.2, revison 5256, where the key signature was not exported, so I delted the measures except the first, and saved it...

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