Unbelievably corrupted Musescore file, too much work to fix manually!

• Mar 8, 2020 - 16:57


I'm working on three medleys for a woodwinds orchestra in three different .mscz files.
One of this files (attached below) is corrupeted in about 100 different mesures and in different staves also!!!!
I have to finish this medleys this week and I cannot fix every single mesure, it will take hours.

I've tried also the voice swapping trick, dosn't work... Nor does exporting as an .xml file.

This problem came out of nowhere, it worked totally fine until it didn't.
I think that it has to do with the fact that I deleted the lower voice's rests, it that a possability?

If anyone can help me In anyway I'll greatly appreciate it!!!!

(This made me seriously concider switching to Sibelious...)

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Insert new measure, partially copy paste (first half measure, quarter rest, last quarter of measure), delete old measure.
No idea what might have caused it. The problem in measure 21 was many half rests in voicce 1 where a quarter rest should have been (and no corresponding rest in voice 2), haven't had a look at the others yet

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Not sure whether I am not too late for this, but perhaps this will at least help someone else. Looking at this score I tried to automate some operations needed to repair this score and ended up with the plugin I have attached below. This plugin acts by finding the corrupted chords or rests and re-entering them from scratch, preserving old chords or rests where possible (although it doesn't preserve ties, may eventually break some slurs, will probably not work with tuplets etc.) After running this plugin the differences can be examined with score comparison tool (although it has eventually broken for the latest version of the file so you may need to use the today's nightly for this when it becomes available). The plugin can also be run on a selection in a score which may happen to be a more convenient method to use it.

The result of these operations (running the plugin + fixing most obvious issues with the differences produced by plugin) is also attached below. You may need though to look at the differences to ensure that the corrected measures are actually correct, especially regarding chords durations and ties presence. If it happens to be more appropriate here, maybe it would make sense to adjust the plugin code to give chord durations information more priority than chords and rests positions but this may need more checking.

Anyway, I hope this could help you or anyone else in repairing score data.

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It doesn't have corruptions but, as I have mentioned, it should be checked whether all corruptions have been repaired correctly. For example, when this plugin encounters a chord which spans for the entire measure and a rest in the same measure it currently shortens the chord. However, looking at the results, it is quite probable that it should have done the opposite instead: leave the chord as it is and remove the rest.

But, in any case, it should be easier to repair the score completely from this point as it is now at least in non-corrupted state.

As for this plugin, it could be good to check and add provision for some other kinds of corruption eventually, for example for corruptions involving linked parts. It would be good to avoid score corruption in the first place, but since there are a lot of already corrupted scores, and there are some kinds of corruption which reveal themselves on importing scores from 1.X and 2.X versions, improving such a plugin could be a useful thing to do. Anyway, it would be good to check first whether this plugin helps in repairing other cases of score corruption, and if it happens to be so we could continue experimenting with this further.

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.mscbackup is not an extension, but a hidden subfolder in your score folder. I don't know your operating system, so search the internet on how to make hidden folders and files visible.

And there may be other places where a previous backup may be (applies to Windows, MuS 4 here).


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