Noteperformer for Musescore

• Dec 31, 2018 - 13:14

So I sent Noteperformer a request for portability to Musescore. This is what I got back.

WI Technical Support

Hi -----!

It's not an active decision by us to not support Musescore, but
Musescore does not at all support 3rd party audio plug-ins, which is a
technical necessity to begin with along with some form of configurable
patch/articulation management over MIDI. So you'll probably be better
off asking Musescore about this. :)

If Musescore were to add a system where we could create a high-quality
integration, we would be happy to port our software.

Best regards,
Wallander Instruments

So, if third-party apps are supported by Musescore via Jack or some other. Please post detailed instructions on how to do this. If Musescore doesn't support or cooperate simply and conveniently with Noteperformer, please make that possible as soon as possible.




I would certainly be delighted to see MuseScore working with NotePerformer. Over the past few months, I have received several MP3 files of choral and orchestral works rendered by NotePerformer - these MP3s are really quite realistic when compared with an MP3 generated direct from MuseScore. For example:
* [MuseScore MP3] (
* [NotePerformer MP3] (

OK, I am aware that NotePerformer is not free software. But Wallander Instruments is not a greedy company, and the price of USD 129 for NotePerformer would be within reach for many of us. And Wallander (quoted in the original post above) are willing to port their software to MuseScore if the necessary infrastructure can be put in place within MuseScore. Surely worth investigating, at least?

I strongly support that request.
I've tried on Sibelius, Note Performer and it sounds better than many libraries with many gigabits.

I also STRONGLY support this request. I'm probably gonna purchase one of the super expensive scoring software just for the sake of using NotePerformer. I enjoy the simplicity of MuseScore, but the playback for orchestral work is basically unusable (and it's hard that any free orchestral library would ever work).

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