copy / paste note selection doesn't work

• Nov 27, 2015 - 18:17
S4 - Minor

I'm using 33a833f and got an issue when trying to copy/paste selected notes

Got this error in 2 cases :

When i'm trying to copy/paste content from a score to another. To reproduce :
1-open 2 scores
2- select notes (not measure ! only some notes!)
3- copy (ctrl+c)
4- go to the second score
5- try to paste, but it doesn't work.

Second case :
on one score

1-open a score
2- select multiple notes (not measure, still only notes)
3- copy (ctrl+c)
4- try to paste to another staff
5- doesn't paste !

In this last case, copy/paste one note only seems to work :-/



That has happened to me, I try to select some notes and paste them in another staff but it doesn't work. Here's what you can do.

  1. Try to select and copy the whole measure and then go to the other staff and paste the measure but also delete the unwanted notes.
  2. The other thing you could do is to notate those notes yourself which will take extra time.

I hope this helps

Are you selecting a contiguous range of notes (e.g.: click on first note, then [Shift]+click on last note) or are you selecting some disjoint set of notes (e.g. [Ctrl]+click on each note individually).

The first should work (please post the score you are having problems with, if it does not work for you).

The second is not supposed to work: how could the programme figure out how to re-construct music out of a bunch of isolated pitches?

" it happens only when I use ctrl+clic on notes (which is the only way to select some notes on a voice)"

Well, not really:

1) Select the contiguous range of notes you are interested in, even if this includes all the voices of a staff.

2) If not already open, open the Selection filter ("View | Selection Filter")

3) In the selection filter, uncheck the voices you are not interested in: the notes of these voice(s) become unselected

4) Copy (only the notes of the selected voices will be copied).

5) Paste where you want.

@Miware : héhé :) thanks, it works nice !

BTW : the expected behaviour when you made manipulation such I made in my first post should work no ? Or the way you describe is the "official" way of doing such copy/paste ?

Well, honestly I don't know; I am not a 'law-man', just a programmer; I have no idea if the procedure you described at the top is "officially" declared to work or not | supported or not. Also I am not entitled to "speak in the name of MuseScore" in any way; I just contributed a number of 'thinks' to MuseScore.

More informally: when you select individual note heads via [Ctrl]+click, you are selecting just pitches, not durations or anything else; then, I believe it would be tough (and subject to many different personal interpretations) for a programme to create a complete music portion out of those pitches. So, I personally would not expect copy-n-paste to work in such a case. Such a disjoint set of note heads is useful for other purposes (editing all those note heads in some ways with single command, for instance).

The procedure I described in #6 does work now and one can reasonably expect to continue working on the future: failure to do so would be considered a regression by any programmer under any point of view. One could also says that this is not very different from "officially supported", probably...

Status (old) active by design

MuseScore makes a distinction between *range* selections (ones with defined start and end point and a blue rectangle around it) versus a *list* selection (eg, the result of a series of ctrl+clicks). Copy and paste of notes works only for range selections. And indeed, the selection filter can be used to limit selection to just certain voices. This is as "official" as it gets.

Copy and paste of a list selection of notes is an interesting idea, but really prbably impossible in the general case.

Status (old) by design closed

ok, thanks for the clarification even if it wasn't id like to say. My previous post wasn't clear i think...I just wondered if this behaviour is an issue or not and if I could close this thread :)

Regarding your comments, I assume the answer is "yes" :) And I close it.

Thanks for the replies :)

What you need to do is select your measure (A box will show and will highlight everything in it) then ctrl-c and select the other measure's box that you want to copy to and do ctrl-v