Sound lagging and glitchy

• Oct 27, 2012 - 01:55

When I click to play my entered notes, the sounds get all glitchy and they lag. I did go to Synthesiser and turned down all the Reverbs to 0 but it didn't make things better.


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This is known (albeit still incompletely known) issue, particularly under Windows.

Try setting the Reverb setting in the "Display | Synthesizer" dlg box to anything except 0: any value should be good as long as the slider is not all the way down (if you then save your score, the setting should 'stick' for that score at least).

It is a workaround, not a real fix, but this issue has still eluded the developers.

For collecting more stat data, it would be useful to know your MuseScore version and operating system.



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Until today my chorus and reverb settings in the synthesizer always returned to 50% after a couple of sessions, and I had to keep resetting them to 0% to avoid the now-famous playback bug. Then I saw this post, and set all of those levels to 0.01%. These settings are sticking now, and I'm having no further playback problems! True, it's only a workaround, but it's an effective one, especially because I never want reverb and chorus in my scores, anyway. Thanks a million, Miwarre!

WHOA, i had thought that my netbook does not have enough memory, and i had abandoned musescore for months. i tried it out for the heck of it, with the same lagging and glitching problem..; but found this post, tried setting the reverb to anything but 0, and NOW MUSESCORE WORKS FINE!!

would data on my computer help to possibly figure out what is causing this bug?

here is some info on my computer:
- running a Samsung NC210 netbook with 1GB of memory, Windows 7 Starter, an Intel Atom N570 CPU @1.66GHz

is there any other info i could give that could help detect this bug?

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It MIGHT have to do with memory, as while using a larger soundfont the distortion comes in sooner (say 4 secs instead of 6, not big deal anyway), but it is not necessarily the lack of it, as it happens also on machine which can run very heavy applications.

I have not dealt with this issue myself (I am not one of the core developers) and I have no idea which data could be useful; I know that this problem is puzzling developers since a long time; nobody even knows why the word-around does work (knowing that would be a wide step toward the solution); hours of trials and errors and of hair pulling discovered that it works, USUALLY.

Likely, it is some interaction between the portaudio and the fluid synth libaries used by MuseScore, the Windows sound driver(s) and the audio card itself. The fact that sound playing is inherently real time adds another layer of complexity.

I'm sorry but this is all I can tell about that.



I also have this bug on Linux Ubuntu 14.04, Musescore 1.3 rev 5702, and indeed it appears sooner when I use heavy soundfounts.
How about just setting the reverb+chorus min value to 0.01 instead of 0 ? That would apply the workaround automatically for everyone (even if it's still a workaround).
Thank you for this great software by the way :)

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