Ver. 4.1.1: Adding a slur un-focuses the note (regression?)

• Aug 2, 2023 - 14:15

In previous versions of MuseScore, adding the slur and then leaving the slur editing re-selected the first slurred note (the one to which the slur has been applied), ready for continuing editing on the notes.

In ver. 4.1(.1?), adding a slur ("S") and completing its editing ("ESC") leaves the slur selected and requires:
1) to reach for the mouse,
2) point the first slurred note,
3) click to select it,
4) and then replace the hand on the keyboard (either the computer's or the MIDI's).

This is cumbersome and breaks the workflow every few notes (as slurs are rather commons).

Either I missed a suitable key combination or this is another annoying regression...

And, please don't tell me to always use the mouse: it is S L O O O O O O W and an exercise in penance and purification from sins... While editing scores my goal is to use it as little as possible, possibly never!

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