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Forum topic SVG scaling on import and export sideways 122 2 months ago
Forum topic Linked Staves / Tablature / Multi-Staff Instruments sideways 2 6 months ago
Forum topic Chord Changes are Staff text, not System text sideways 27 6 months ago
Issue Regression: No Page Settings for Parts sideways 3 7 months ago
Forum topic Tablature String Configuration: Open vs. Fretted Pitch sideways 2 8 months ago
Issue Cannot delete measures sideways 18 8 months ago
Forum topic SVG Export: Text and Fonts vs. Paths and Lines sideways 7 8 months ago
Issue Add instrument, incorrect bar lines sideways 9 9 months ago
Forum topic Video/Game Scoring, "Non-Musical" Measures: specify Duration (in frames or milliseconds) instead of Tempo sideways 4 9 months ago
Forum topic 2 decimals for tempos? sideways 2 9 months ago
Issue Add 4 strings tab clef lasconic 12 10 months ago
Issue Main Menu Shortcuts for both File & Format Menus is F sideways 4 10 months ago
Forum topic Bass Guitar (4-string) TAB Clef is same size as 6-string TAB clef sideways 9 11 months ago
Issue Shortcut to change tabs *right to left* needed, like Ctrl+Shift+Tab fmd80 8 11 months ago
Forum topic Ctrl+Tab works Shift+Ctrl+Tab does not sideways 1 11 months ago
Issue Chord Symbols linked across score/parts act inconsistently sideways 0 11 months ago
Forum topic Change to Export menu options sideways 2 11 months ago
Forum topic Rhythmic Slash Notation Horizontal Spacing sideways 34 11 months ago
Issue Hiding Instruments does not reformat other staves properly sideways 0 11 months ago
Issue Add Contributing guidelines in the source code lasconic 3 11 months ago
Issue Too much vertical space allocated for certain systems geetar 6 11 months ago
Issue Opening the same score multiple times gives different results sideways 4 11 months ago
Issue Lyrics Automatic Horizontal Spacing Is Too Tight sideways 32 11 months ago
Issue Lyrics Vertical Offset not working sideways 4 11 months ago
Issue Extra space required for some systems compared to 2.0.3 geetar 6 11 months ago