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Forum topicSVG scaling on import and export sideways1224 weeks ago
Forum topicLinked Staves / Tablature / Multi-Staff Instruments sideways217 weeks ago
Forum topicChord Changes are Staff text, not System text sideways2720 weeks ago
IssueRegression: No Page Settings for Parts sideways325 weeks ago
Forum topicTablature String Configuration: Open vs. Fretted Pitch sideways226 weeks ago
IssueCannot delete measures sideways1829 weeks ago
Forum topicSVG Export: Text and Fonts vs. Paths and Lines sideways730 weeks ago
IssueAdd instrument, incorrect bar lines sideways933 weeks ago
Forum topicVideo/Game Scoring, "Non-Musical" Measures: specify Duration (in frames or milliseconds) instead of Tempo sideways434 weeks ago
Forum topic2 decimals for tempos? sideways234 weeks ago
IssueAdd 4 strings tab clef lasconic1237 weeks ago
IssueMain Menu Shortcuts for both File & Format Menus is F sideways438 weeks ago
Forum topicBass Guitar (4-string) TAB Clef is same size as 6-string TAB clef sideways939 weeks ago
IssueShortcut to change tabs *right to left* needed, like Ctrl+Shift+Tab fmd80839 weeks ago
Forum topicCtrl+Tab works Shift+Ctrl+Tab does not sideways139 weeks ago
IssueChord Symbols linked across score/parts act inconsistently sideways040 weeks ago
Forum topicChange to Export menu options sideways240 weeks ago
Forum topicRhythmic Slash Notation Horizontal Spacing sideways3440 weeks ago
IssueHiding Instruments does not reformat other staves properly sideways040 weeks ago
IssueAdd Contributing guidelines in the source code lasconic340 weeks ago
IssueToo much vertical space allocated for certain systems geetar640 weeks ago
IssueOpening the same score multiple times gives different results sideways440 weeks ago
IssueLyrics Automatic Horizontal Spacing Is Too Tight sideways3241 weeks ago
IssueLyrics Vertical Offset not working sideways441 weeks ago
IssueExtra space required for some systems compared to 2.0.3 geetar642 weeks ago