Show string tuning after TAB clef

• Sep 24, 2015 - 15:23
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

Two new options requested for TAB users:

1. "Show clef only on first measure". The TAB clef will only display at the beginning of the first system.

2. "Show string tuning": Displays TAB string tuning at beginning of score, just after the opening TAB clef. Like this:



1. is already possible for the whole score. Should be enough. See Style > General > Page. Uncheck create clef for all systems.

Title Show string tuning after tab clef Show (a) string tuning after tab clef and (b) TAB clef on first measure only

An extra option would be needed to allow the user to display the TAB clef only in the first measure while allowing other staff clefs to display normally in all measures. e.g:


Title Show (a) string tuning after tab clef and (b) TAB clef on first measure only Show string tuning after TAB clef

The solution to (1) is to uncheck "show clef" in Tab "staff properties" and then drag a TAB symbol from "master palette > symbols".

The spacing is an issue here. Putting the string tuning to the left or right of the tab clef means creates a width that is wider than any regular clef. Of course if there is a key signature in the other clefs, then there is plenty of extra space in that exact spot, but in the key of C the spacing will be an issue in scores with other clefs.
I've mostly seen the tuning to the far left, left of the TAB clef. Either way there's a horizontal spacing issue.

 +1 on the request to show an instrument's tuning on the initial measure of a Instrument + Tab score. Likely the score will display the meter in the standard staff which would be leave plenty of room in the tablature staff for the tuning.