Tablature doesn't show time signature

• Jun 1, 2018 - 05:01

I'm creating 5-string banjo tab. I cannot get a time signature to show in the tab, it shows in the notation perfectly. I've tried 5-string common and difference. I can't drag and drop a signature into the TAB staff either.

While I'm at it, is there a way to show tuning in the tab? It is common to show the notes for the open strings where Musescore puts the vertical "TAB" text. I've been putting it in the title block but prefer it to be the more commonly used positioning.

Last question: is there a way to save a given tuning and recall it for later use? I'm currently tabbing 19 tunes in the old eAEG#B tuning and would prefer to not have to alter the tuning for every new tune.



To display the time signature on a tab, right click the tab staff, select staff properties and check the Show Time Signature box near the top.

(Optional: to make the "TAB" invisible, select it and press V or remove the check from Show Clef above show time signature-this will affect every line). You can then use staff text to show the tuning. The #, flat and natural symbols can be entered by pressing F2 while entering the text and selecting the proper symbol. You can adjust the text so the string names will be properly displayed. (This step will not be saved to a template).

To save the tuning, save your file to the custom templates file as described here. No notes or text will be saved to the file, so you will want to copy and paste the string names from another score. The relative positions to the first note will remain the same so you should only need to tweak the positions if the time signature changes.

ALL of the instruments in the template will be applied the way they are defined in the score you save to the custom templates folder.

It's possible to add the tuning to the instruments.xml but I haven't seen a way to make it work consistently without causing bad side effects and the documentation is greatly lacking.

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