String information of tablature instrument on score

• Oct 12, 2013 - 17:44

For instruments in tablature using tuning that deviates from what could be considered the standard (or perhaps less-known?), one publisher does this:

String information of tablature instrument on score.png

I wonder if MuseScore could do the same somehow.


I'm always a fan of more general solutions. Obviously, one could do that already by creating it as a graphic in another program then dragging it in. So it's already doable. If effort were to expended adding a more native facility, I think it makes sense to simply see that as a text table, and say MuseScore could eventually have a table facility that could be used for other purposes as well. But since I rather doubt anyone would implement anything like that any time soon, another common way to provide special-purpose notations like this would be to define a custom font that defines the necessary characters. In fact, if this is even remotely standard as opposed to just something used by that one publisher, such a font probably *already* exists for use in other programs...

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I really like the idea of showing string tuning. Especially because that how tabs are written in text format.
But what if the string names where put right next to the TAB symbol, on the right side. This way, the string names would not influence the staff position on the left. It could be similar to toggling clef or time signature.

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I would be against putting it next to the TAB symbol as the letters could appear small in trying to line up next to the strings - especially in a band score, where size of elements is likely to be reduced in order to fit entries.

If it was an option in 'Style…', I might not have a problem with it. :)

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Chen you are out on a limb here and going against the conventional method of displaying string tunings in Tab.

Look at these pages from Google with guides to tablature.

Nearly every one of them displays tunings as letters down the left hand edge of the TAB staff, and those that don't just ignore it.

Bear in mind that 90% of people writing TAB in MuseScore will be doing it for one or two guitars, not a full band.

As for it being small - that is what zoom (or a magnifying glass) is for.

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Still disagree Michael.

The one you mention seems limited to just text files - it would interfere with stave brackets, as I've said. There are different methods of displaying tuning - here is one (from a guitar transcription book):

I still maintain that this won't be much use to me - you only have to look at Guitar Pro files on Ultimate Guitar, many of which are band scores.

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People don't normally read from score, though - that's what parts are for. It's normal and expected that things will sbe small if you try to cram a full score onto a small sheet of paper. So that's not reason not to support a common notation style.

But I think the problem will remain coming up with one style everyone likes.

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You must get this through a workaround (without staff text). So:

1) Style -> Text -> Instrument Name (long) -> Size to 6 / Vertical offset around 2,00 /
Vertical alignment: tick first button
2) Staff properties -> enter the strings name, in a stacked way, instead of the Long Instrument Name
Long instrument.jpg

If wished, you can do the same setting for other staves: so Instrument Name (short)

Result, and file: tab strings.mscz

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