Tablature: how to indicate the tuning?

• Feb 21, 2019 - 15:32

There are several ways to do this, generally. It can be a legend at the top of the score part, as in this image:
Or it can be at the start of the staff itself, as in this image:
The second image is preferable, IMO.

I cannot find a feature for this in MuseScore, unless I create my own custom legend in the title frame. Am I missing something, or is this my next feature request?


There are so many different ways of doing this it's hard to really see wanting to support them all, and no matter what limited version we do, probably no one is happy and everyone just keeps using images which work just fine anyow. But I'm willing to be convinced otherwise, maybe it really will turn out to be an overwhelming consensus for one specific style

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I suppose I am mostly gauging the interest about embedding them in the staff lines, as in the second image I posted. Yes, any kind of a legend can be done today, with images or text. I am not familiar with more than these two basic approaches. Can you provide an example of something other than a legend at the top of the score/part or embedding the pitch letters in the staff lines?

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