Lyrics horizontal spacing too tight, not really adjustable

• May 10, 2019 - 17:31
Reported version
S3 - Major

1) Open the attached score. Note that the first 3 words have no space between them whatsoever.
2) Select the 3rd word "belong"
3) Try to move it rightward in order to increase the space between it and the previous word "cannot". You can use the Inspector x offset or use the right arrow key.
4) Instead of the word moving right, the note moves left and the space between the words stays the same (none).

The workarounds are:
a) Move the note, which also requires moving the stem as a separate user action, then move the lyric/word as another action.
b) Increase the layout stretch.

Depending on the specific measure I have to do one or the other. Layout stretch is easy. But sometimes it's just one note that needs to be moved rightward to create a little space. It's very awkward to do that now.
There is no global style property that affects this, AFAICT.

I just went through this for one measure in real vocal part. It took 6 steps to move one lyric, one word. You have to move the note twice as far to the right as you think you should, because when you move the lyric, it moves the note back to the left each time. Bloody frustrating and totally unintuitive. I want to move a single word of text to the right. Instead the note moves left?

If I turn off Automatic placement for the lyric, for the one word, this is worse. Then the note acts as if it has no lyric, and moves way left. The lyric follows it to the left, overlapping with another word. All this accomplishes is forcing me to move the note and lyric a bigger distance to the right.


I'm posting an updated version of the sample .mscz file. Note the two additional "bump you on the head" measures. The top one is default spacing. The bottom one is after increasing the layout stretch several times. Note the spacing in that bottom "bump you on the head" measure. The space between "the" and "head" is still too small, but the space allocated for the final quarter note rest is huge. Sure, in a score with other instruments, that might be necessary and appropriate, but in a part?
Also note that the spacing between "bump" and "you" is still nonexistent after stretching the measure several times.

Increasing the layout stretch can help some measures, but it can also be ineffective for others, or cause different spacing problems.

Somehow is missed when this was introduced - great feature, I was waiting for a long time. Having more than 300 choir scores this will improve formatting a lot.