Demo Score BWV565 has html footer

• May 16, 2012 - 02:21
S5 - Suggestion

Started trying out some of the demos earlier toda in R5626

Got to BWV 565 and apart from problems with navigator mentioned in the appropriate issue I noticed the the footer element contains html which is being rendered as text.

See pic:-


This, I suspect, is the result of the file version changes between various trunk revisions. One of the gotcha's of working with the trunk.

I am working on a complete revamp of this score, as it contains many errors, such as A#s and D#s instead of their flat equivalent.

Also the voicing is wrong - second voices have been used indtead of cross staff which means that the polyphony is screwed.

I need this score anyway for my MuseScore Organ Library project.

Will upload here when done for inclusion in the demos.

Status (old) active needs info

OK here is the first draft.

If you can let me kow what you think needs tweaking :)

I am quite impressed by the chord articulation window - absolute control over ornaments :)

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bwv565.mscz 37.62 KB

Well I reckon this demo is finished.

I have attached the newest version for any comments.

If none are forthcoming I will give it a final look and then commit to GitHub

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Great work! I appreciated the work on ornaments.

A few comments on rather small details, as the bulk of the work is just great:

1) Isn't it the case to hide the '3' of triplets once the pattern established (I wold say from measure 6 onward)? Or are you rendering a specific source?

2) Would it be a score of mine, I would try to 'spare' a measure here and there so to fill up the last page, but it might be just my perverse sense of horror vacui.

3) Is the trumpet sound a final decision? No way to use Aeolus? It would be the right piece to demo Aeolus.

4) I felt the need to reduce the reverb a lot. I don't like reverb and I usually turn it all the way down; in this piece a little bit might be appropriate, but really only a little bit.

Thanks a lot!


Thanks for those observations Miware

1. Good point - I was actually working from the Bach-Geselleshaft Ausgabe, but this is destined to be my own edition so the triplets can go :)

2. Indeed, but every time I try to fix the layout MuseScore changes it :( I may have to resort to fixed page breaks to force the layout.

3. No the Trumpet sound is not a final decision, but it is the best sound available from TimGM6MB, sadly Aeolus is not stable enough to use for this purpose - I haven't tested it lately, but last time I tried any use of the Pedal division locked up the PC with 100% cpu use and a crashed sound system. See #16625: Aeolus Organ Synth crashes on pedal entry, locking up MuseScore and as far as I know nothing has been done to rectify this.

4. The reverb was set to represent the average acoustic this piece would be performed in - churches tend to be rather resonant places!

Again, thanks for the input.