Ver. 4.1.1: Score position and zoom factor not saved?

• Aug 2, 2023 - 10:09

Version 4.1.1: When leaving MuseScore and reopening it, the score(s) are re-open at the beginning and at 100% zoom.

This is a regression from previous versions (the previous version I used was 2.3.2) where the position within the score (with some incertitude, it is true...) and its zoom factor were restored.

This is rather useful when working on a (maybe longish) score in several sessions.


"When leaving MuseScore and reopening it, the score(s) are re-open at the beginning and at 100% zoom."

Not sure about score position, but "100% zoom" can be adjusted with this general preference:
Edit > Preferences > Canvas > Zoom > Default zoom

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Thanks for your reply, but this is not my point:

when I close MuseScore with a score shown at x% at a certain point (perhaps more than one score, perhaps each shown at a different point of their length and at a different zoom factor), it would be nice to reopen MuseScore and have them shown as they were left and not at some default position and/or zoom factor.

Previous versions used to work this way (admittedly with some glitches, but still...) and I found it rather useful, as I use different zoom factors for different editing phases (150% - 200% during note entry, even 400% while placing ornaments, 75% - 100% during page balancing and page turning optimisation, ad so on...).

Zoom is a few mouse clicks away (again the mouse, though...) but locating the precise point where one had previously arrived within a given editing pass may be not obvious. And it USED TO WORK THIS WAY, why remove something useful?

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Oh! I tried opening another score and, lo!, it is open in a different top-level window (oh, gosh! à la LibreOffice! More confusing items in the task bar...). By itself, this does not imply that multiple processes are run...

Still, as I selected "Preferences | General | Program start | Continue last session", I expected MS would continue the last session, whatever it was.

In fact, it does not: it actually re-opens the last open file (which may be different from the last closed "session"); and still not in the state at which it was left.

Given the aforementioned choice (multiple top-level windows), I see the resulting complexity; but not (yet?) the problem which led to the choice itself.

I will resort to add textual notes to the score about the editing process state, to be deleted (or updated) "next time" (unfortunately, I do not think textual notes can be searched...).

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