Make tremolo between notes play correct rhythm when between tuplets

• Oct 16, 2017 - 23:03
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See discussion here:

To reproduce the issue:

  1. I used 4/4 time and created 2 consecutive 1/4 note triplets.
  2. Make one pitch a C and another a D (they can be any pitch).
  3. Put 32nd notes between tremolo (it can be any tremolo, that's what I used)
  4. To confirm it plays incorrectly on the next two beats put a C 1/4 note followed by a D 1/4 note with 32nd between notes tremolo
  5. Press play

Result: both tremolos play the same. This problem does not exist with single note tremolos in a tuplet - they play correctly.


Are you still seeing this? I can't reproduce. Maybe I'm not understanding the instructions properly. You are talking about a measure twith two tuplets, a tremolo between the first two notes of the first tuplet, followed by another between the third note of that same tuplet and the first of the next? I tried this and it worked as expected - I'm actually surprised it worked, but it did:


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I'm still seeing it. Try this to make it simple:

Create a score in 4/4 time.

In measure 1 put two half notes of different pitches and put a tremolo between two notes (I suggest using an 8th note tremolo since you can count the notes easier).

In measure 2 create a 6th-let (select the measure and press ctrl+6).
Make two dotted 1/2 notes and place the same tremolo line as in the first measure.

Press play.

Result: both measures play 8 8th notes (assuming you followed my suggestion)
Expected: the first measure plays 8 8th notes, the measure 2 should play 12 8th notes in the same time as measure 1 played 8.

For comparison's sake

In measure 3 create a whole note with a tremolo only on that note

In measure 4, create a 6th-let (select the measure and press ctrl+6 as before)
Make this a single dotted whole note and apply the same tremolo line as measure 3.

Result: If using 8th note tremolos you get 8 notes in measure 3 and 12 notes in measure 4. This is what is expected if the tremolo is on a single note or between 2 notes.

See attached score.
Tremolo problems.mscz

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I'm sorry, but I don't understand if the problem is solved. (Don't understand the last messages of this thread.) Because I'm having the same problem with the playback, the triplet tremolo sound as a normal tremolo.

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