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Issue [Musicxml Export] - endText of a textline doesn't export hhpmusic 4 5 days ago
Issue [Musicxml Export] - Measure numbering not correct hhpmusic 14 5 days ago
Forum topic Test and hope on Musicxml export hhpmusic 16 1 month ago
Issue [Musicxml Export] - Tbox and Vbox after measure 1 don't export hhpmusic 2 1 month ago
Issue Allow exporting scores without invisible items. mike320 7 1 month ago
Issue Musescore 3.0.4 Accessibility drawback hhpmusic 34 1 month ago
Issue Musicxml export - top texts don't export hhpmusic 18 2 months ago
Issue [MusicXML] Glissando to grace note after note missing chen lung 7 3 months ago
Issue Musicxml export - Slur between note and rest doesn't export hhpmusic 17 3 months ago
Issue Musicxml: use direction offset tag during export (and import) hhpmusic 15 6 months ago
Issue Text line missing when saving in Musescore 3 hhpmusic 3 6 months ago
Issue Musicxml export - text lines and hairpins not exported, summing up hhpmusic 1 6 months ago
Issue Wrong pagination when opening older Musescore files in Musescore 3 hhpmusic 4 6 months ago
Issue Crash of MuseScore 3 on opening a certain 2.x score hhpmusic 19 7 months ago
Issue MusicXML - bad export of trill lines Marc Sabatella 7 7 months ago
Issue Musicxml Export - Trill-type Drum rolls not exported hhpmusic 1 7 months ago
Issue Musicxml Export - Composite Dynamic expressions export different garbage codes hhpmusic 2 7 months ago
Issue "dry" Capella import hhpmusic 2 1 year ago
Forum topic Crash when opening just one Overture file hhpmusic 1 2 years ago
Forum topic Question about String harmonics in musescore 202 hhpmusic 2 3 years ago
Issue Support for screen readers is broken hhpmusic 27 4 years ago
Forum topic MUSICXML EXPORT FOR HEADINGS hhpmusic 3 4 years ago
Issue overture file import error hhpmusic 5 9 years ago
Forum topic some shortcuts for menus--accessibility request hhpmusic 15 9 years ago