[Accessibility] - characters not read on cursor movement in lyrics edit mode

• Feb 27, 2021 - 23:15
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The text edit mode is completely not read by NVDA. Therefore, I can't correct lyrics, apply text styles, etc. To correct scannlyrics ed examples of the braille notation manual, I have to use Sibelius.


I'm not at my Windows computer right now, but this worked in other recent releases, and continues to work with Orca in 3.6.2. Are you saying it broke specifically at 3.6? I assume you mean, as you type or press cursor keys, it does not read the letters? Also, which version of NVDA? It could be a recent change in NVDA is what broke this.

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OK, I just tested on Windows, using the latest version of NVDA, and it seems to work fine for me. Letters are read as I type them or as I move the cursor. Furthermore, entire words as read as I navigate using Ctrl+Left/Right. So could you please describe the issue you are experiencing in more detail?

I did, and it works fine. But, Ctrl+E is not the normal shortcut for text edit mode - that is the shortcut to add expression text. The shortcut for edit mode (all edit modes - ordinary elements, ordinary text edit mode, and lyrics edit mode - they use the exact same command) is Alt+Shift+E. So maybe that is the problem - that you are not actually in text edit mode? Unless you have customized your shortcuts.

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Sorry, my browser gave me a Chinese translation with wrong shortcut! Now it's correct, but can you try navigating in lyric edit box? Other text boxes read fine, but in lyrics edit box, the arrow keys don't read, only home key can read the first letter, and backspace reads the deleted letters.

Title [Accessibility] - Text edit mode is not accessible [Accessibility] - characters not read on cursor movement in lyrics edit mode
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OK, that I can confirm, the cursor keys do not read characters in lyrics mode. The full lyric reads, and characters read as you type and as you use backspace, but not as you move the cursor. I remember when accessibility for text editing was added last year - see See #47326: Text on scores not read by screen readers while editing it. Probably the same code needs to be added for lyrics, which uses different edit functions in order to handle things like space and hyphen specially. It seems chord symbols - which also use special processing - do work, FWIW.

Meanwhile, a workaround is to retype the full syllable.

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