MusicXML import problem - chords

• Jan 13, 2023 - 16:03
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Import any music xml file that has chords.
Immediately save it to musecore format.
Close everything and load the musescore file you just created -- chords are there and visible and all good.
Close everything and load the original musicxml file. Notice the chords are not visible (however they are there)

It looks like the box the chords are drawn into is too small. A "G" chord is completely invisible. An "Em" chord shows up as "m". An "Em7" chord shows up as "m7".

If you change the chord font, all is fixed and all the chords show up.

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Indeed, it is a known issue that imported files dn't have the chord symbol info set up properly. Besides save.reload, another workaround is to go to Format / Style / Chord Symbols and change the appearance to Jazz and then back.

Take a look at harmony.cpp on lines 799 and 806. Change variable "s" for "ss" on both these lines and musicxml, guitarpro,... chords will magically appear after import.

Status active duplicate

Hmm, that might happen to work for import (I don't have a working build environment to be able to test), but that is unlikely to be the proper fix, since this code is unchanged from 3.6.2 and it worked there. Even though I wrote this code, I don't remember exactly what is going on but it seems likely that change would break other things.

In any case, as mentioned, this issue is a duplicate. The official tracking is over on GitHub. Better to discuss potential solutions at