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Forum topic Triple dot! Quoc Dong 18 2 months ago
Issue Text line is smaller when changed Gonville font. Quoc Dong 3 2 months ago
Issue Beam across a bar line is wrong position Quoc Dong 1 2 months ago
Blog Zerberus sound examples! hpfmn 3 3 months ago
Issue Cross staff notes collide with 'regular' notes Quoc Dong 3 4 months ago
Issue Chords symbols is wrong position when added. Quoc Dong 1 4 months ago
Forum topic Best SoundFont for Violin & Ukulele? McX 4 5 months ago
Forum topic want to go pro but don't have money Bin Mr. 2 8 months ago
Issue The last Nightly Buids version is not run... Quoc Dong 3 9 months ago
Forum topic Crescendo/Decrescendo hairpin should be make vertical. Quoc Dong 2 10 months ago
Issue Edit the straight line with mouse breaks the handles Quoc Dong 4 11 months ago
Issue Staff Properties -> Advanced Style properties causes crash in RELEASE build Fyrult 44 1 year ago
Issue Edit Advanced Style Properties has stopped working Quoc Dong 1 1 year ago
Forum topic MuseScoreNightly-2016-07-09-1832-master-dc4d3ec Shoichi 2 1 year ago
Issue Cannot add courtesy accidentals for a tied note Quoc Dong 10 1 year ago
Forum topic FluidR3 Mono & FluidR3 GM kazuma yamamoto 5 1 year ago
Issue MuseScore is not reponding when open files. Quoc Dong 6 1 year ago
Issue Crash when opening text palette Quoc Dong 15 1 year ago
Issue Implement smart layout for slurs—prevent overlap with notes Quoc Dong 2 1 year ago
Forum topic Cannot print album with Adobe Quoc Dong 1 1 year ago
Forum topic Clef Change PoorFrog 8 1 year ago
Forum topic Create a guide video Quoc Dong 4 1 year ago
Issue The "Grace note after" is not auto spacing Quoc Dong 1 1 year ago
Forum topic Better grace note behavior n.costacurta 15 1 year ago
Forum topic Top panel disappeared nsj_3.14159 3 1 year ago