Crash when opening text palette

• Jun 4, 2016 - 00:20
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when I click on a palette title to view the contents of the palettes, MuseScore is not responding and stop working.


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What version of MuseScore, which OS? Which workspace? Doesn't seem to happen on Windows 7 (Enterprise, 64bit) on palettes of the advanced Workspace and a self-built ea736ea

So you start MuseScore, with 'My first score' and click on one of the palettes in the advanced Workspace and then MuseScore crashes?

I can't reproduce, not even with that nightly, so maybe a factory reset is due?

Title MuseScore "has stopped working" when click on a palettes to view contents of palettes MuseScore crashes when opening text palette

Stack trace
1 Ms::RehearsalMark::layout rehearsalmark.cpp 55 0x840199
2 Ms::Palette::paintEvent palette.cpp 843 0x4ae948
3 ZN7QWidget5eventEP6QEvent 0x1a21c901
4 ?? 0x28bd5c
5 ?? 0x20d84de8

So probably something to do with Werner's recent changes to rehearsal marks

Title MuseScore crashes when opening text palette Crash when opening text palette

Shape s1 = s->staffShape(staffIdx()).translated(s->pos());
and s is nullptr here in this case

qucik and dirty fix: in the line above check for s:
if (s && autoplace()) {