Fretboard diagrams are not exported to MusicXML

• Apr 9, 2020 - 15:32
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Chord diagrams added in musescore are not exported to musicxml files.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create new Musescore file.
2) Select instruments.
3) Add one acoustic guitar stave and one linked tab stave.
4) Using the advanced palette, add any chord diagram.
5) Export the file to musicxml.
6) No chord diagram is in the file (I tried visualizing the file using Soundslice's mxl viewer and manually inspecting the xml content).

Note : there is an old related issue (#95886) where it is said that diagrams with a chord symbol should be exported without problem. This is not the case here as I made sure that there was a chord symbol is linked to the diagram here.

Problem reproduced with MuseScoreNightly-202004091016-master-13a302f-x86_64.AppImage

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After trying with the master version that I built myself, I got the following message displayed on the console upon exporting to musicxml:

> mscore/exportxml.cpp:Ms::annotations: seg 0x556e78e8c070 found fretboard diagram 0x556e7a249480 w/o harmony: cannot write

However, if I use the object debugger on the diagram, I can see that FretDiagram object does have a Harmony child in the hierarchy.

Also, I think this issue should be linked to #270643.

Workaround No Yes

Okay, with new tests, I get the following. If I can create a Harmony element and a Diagram element side by side in the hierarchy, the chord diagram gets exported in musicxml.

To do that, I have to:
- create a chord symbol (click a note then ctrl+k);
- add a chord diagram;
- remove the chord symbol associated with the diagram.

If I try to add a chord symbol while a diagram already exists, the new Harmony element is always added as a child to the Diagram element.

That means the problem has a workaround but it's cumbersome and inconveniant.

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Reported version 3.x-dev 4.0
Workaround Yes No

This is broken again in 4.02.

Regression Yes No
Status active closed
Reported version 4.0 3.x-dev
Workaround No Yes

Then open an issue in GitHub and let this here RIP

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