Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Book page Compile instructions (Ubuntu) - Git jpfle 0 4 months ago
Issue Default paper size is A4 instead of letter jpfle 7 9 months ago
Issue Missing choices (like Page Width) in Default zoom settings jpfle 3 1 year ago
Issue Pedal On/Off shouldn't be immediate for compatibility reason Nicolas 8 1 year ago
Issue Clean up null values jpfle 1 1 year ago
Issue Note spacing not accounting for accidental brackets jpfle 9 2 years ago
Issue Crash when opening .mid file jpfle 14 2 years ago
Issue "Edit Text Styles" dialog needs a "Delete" button jpfle 15 2 years ago
Issue Pedal events in MIDI file not imported by MuseScore jpfle 4 4 years ago
Issue Problems with Open Goldberg scores on jpfle 15 4 years ago
Issue Bug with vertical scroll and pan score during playback jpfle 8 4 years ago
Issue Can't open score if MIDI file with same filename is already open jpfle 0 4 years ago
Issue Rests added in MIDI file jpfle 0 4 years ago
Issue Custom styles in palettes jpfle 2 4 years ago
Issue Can't enable Pan roll during playback jpfle 8 6 years ago
Issue In Continuous View, the last visible measure is moved under the continuous panel jpfle 11 6 years ago
Issue Prevent the playback of trailing rests jpfle 5 6 years ago
Issue Special characters and newlines are not pasted correctly in edit mode jpfle 4 6 years ago
Issue All the Lines and Fretboard Diagram displayed twice after undoing move jpfle 12 6 years ago
Issue Inserting measures cancels the effect of ottava lines jpfle 6 6 years ago
Issue Deleting a line break in the middle of text automatically adds one at the end jpfle 3 6 years ago
Issue If text contains newline, "Copy/Paste" operations add unrelated characters jpfle 7 6 years ago
Issue Bugs with grayed out fields in the Inspector jpfle 7 6 years ago
Issue Deleting a file in Zerberus doesn't work jpfle 3 6 years ago
Issue Shortcuts don't work with numeric keypad under Xubuntu 14.10 jpfle 9 6 years ago