Prevent the playback of trailing rests

• Sep 20, 2014 - 20:42
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

Say I have a score containing 30 measures, and I only added notes in the first 10 ones. The last 20 measures are not edited yet. The playback is to confirm that all is good with the first measures, so I can continue to edit the score.

If I play the score in Musescore 1.3, it automatically stops after the first 10 measures because remaining ones don't contain any notes. However, in Musescore 2, the playback continues till the end of the score. I must manually stop it to continue the edition of the score or to do any other action.

There are no settings about that in Musescore 2. Settings may be added, but I don't really see a use-case about continuing the playback after the last note entered, and it's not really practical, especially when editing the score. I think that the way MuseScore 1.3 handles this is better and may be implemented in MuseScore 2.


"I don't really see a use-case about continuing the playback after the last note entered"
I do.
Since we now have full JACK support, we can sync MuseScore to another application playing some audio file (mp3/ogg/wave/flac/etc). If you start playing it in MuseScore, it starts playing in the external application. If you stop, it stops too.
You might have an audio file that longer than your score and if you want to listen the whole composition, you will not able to do it in your case (MuseScore will stop and external player will do the same).
I remind you that you can sync applications if you have "Use JACK audio server" and "Use JACK Transport" checkboxes checked in Preferences->I/O. In other cases you really might not have a use case.
So, if someone wants to implement this feature, don't forget about special cases.