All the Lines and Fretboard Diagram displayed twice after undoing move

• Oct 10, 2014 - 04:39
S4 - Minor

Add a Fretboard Diagram:


Move it:


Do "Ctrl+Z" to undo the move.

Result: the Fretboard Diagram is now displayed twice:


Config: MuseScore 7ab8acd on Xubuntu 14.10.

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I assume you did the move by dragging. When I tried, I found the diagram also reattached itself to the next measure even upon just being moved a little. And sometimes instead of seeing two diagrams after undoing the move, I saw no effect at all. But then the diagram is not selectable. Either way, the effect is temporary - a re-layout (eg, Ctrl+A) restores it.

This issue (move by dragging -> Undo) occured on July 31. Between:

- the commit, correct:…

- and the commit, incorrect:…

After checking, more precisely, maybe here (with many code lines on the theme of "undo") ?




Title Fretboard Diagram displayed twice after undoing move All the Lines and Fretboard Diagram displayed twice after undoing move

After checking, Freatboard diagram, but also all the Lines are concerned by this bug. And I confirm that it appeared the last July 31, between the mentionned commits in the previous comment #4.

So, to reproduce: (last Nigthly, October 9, 7ab8acd / Windows 7)

1. Open "My First Score"
2. Fill some measures with quarter notes
3. Drag and drop any line in the score
4. Move by dragging one line with the mouse, right or left, no matter.
5. Undo (via the Toolbar, or Ctrl+Z)

Result: the lines are displayed twice. For example.

Ped. line.jpg

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Confirmed, with the same observations I made above - the behavior is actually a bit erratic in that sometimes Ctrl+Z appears to have no effect at all rather than producing the double image, but also, the problem fixes itself on next layout.

It is a coincidence, and I do not know if the two issues are related. But for this one (lines displayed twice), I investigated there is two days and I was preparing to report it. I had located: it appears on July 31 (in a more precise way that in my previous comment #4)

It was a side effect of this commit:…

This would to fix this issue:#25806: Cannot undo Slur/Tie handle movements made in edit mode

As you can see: a change of position of a tenuto (attached to a slur), followed by Undo, did not a good result in the return of the slur to the right place. Produced with this Nightly: 6d2225b
Until then, everything was going well for fretboard or lines (a Volta in my example) after moving and Undo.
tenuto after undo and line on 6d2225b.jpg

From the mentioned commit, tenuto + slur and Undo works, but it introduces a new issue (so: lines and fretboard displayed twice after moving and undo) As you can see on the next image. Produced with this Nightly: 6b1a5a8
tenuto slur after undo and line on 6b1a5a8.jpg

- As said, I do not know if this very recent issue is related:#48356: Crash when dragging element on score from palette
Because I can not reproduce the crash in this moment (only on Debug mode maybe?)

De rien. Une ligne de code à changer pour un bug de près de sept mois, ça va, c'est un bon ratio! Et pour "l'autre" question? J'ai bien compris les étapes maintenant: je dépose une volta par exemple-je la déplace- puis Undo x 2 pour la faire disparaître- je re-dépose une volta. Mais à cette dernière étape, rien de particulier ici. La Volta se dépose comme attendu. Ne pouvant pas reproduire le crash (sous Windows), je ne peux plus aider.