Muse Hub helper application startup issue

• Dec 14, 2022 - 16:56

Installed the new muse hub app today, but something strange is happening. I get an error saying "unable to connect to helper, please contact support." Every time I try to open muse hub it tries to install the helper but fails.
> I have stable internet
> I read something that said to "right click the hub logo and select reinstall helper" but that option doesn't exist.
> Sometimes I can get muse hub to open, but nothing loads and I think it's more of a glitch than properly opening up


For the record I opened up the logs and found the one relevant to the helper install and located this error code

DefaultHelperInstaller.swift:109[35]: Connection error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=4099 "The connection to service named com.muse.museservice was invalidated: failed at lookup with error 3 - No such process." UserInfo={NSDebugDescription=The connection to service named com.muse.museservice was invalidated: failed at lookup with error 3 - No such process.}

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I have this issue, but on my mac (Ventura intel). I've not moved any files to external drives, although I do use iCloud drive. Deleting Muse Hub in Containers does not help, nor does allowing full disk access or allowing service app to run in background. Muse Hub is stuck downloading a file (it cannot update)... I've uninstalled/re-installed Muse Hub, but same issue, and download is still stuck. As am I (and apparently many others)

I too am continuing to experience this behavior. I am using Ventura 13.1 M1 Mac. I downloaded MuseHub and it seemed to work. I changed the download destination because there is not enough room at the default location to download MuseSounds. Since then, I have seen this behavior. I deleted everything MuseScore related and downloaded the installer again, but no saw no change.

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As I understand it, there is indeed an issue with changing the download location. I sounds to me like your drive is already more full than it should be for best performance. I have heard that there are ways to move the sounds to a different location after they are downloaded. Then point MS4 to their new location. You might consider just downloading one group of instruments to experiment with.

I'm having the same issue (on MacOS 11.7). I had it with the beta and thought that might have been the problem, but it's happening with the latest release too. So, I can't install or use Musescore 4.

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I'm having the same issue. Every time I start up my iMac (running Monterey 12.6) I get the message, "Muse Hub is trying to install a new helper tool."
It doesn't seem to be affecting Muse Score 4.1 though, since I'm able to access the new sounds, and other sounds such as Kontakt instruments. Or is there some other function that would have a problem due to the "Helper Tool" not being installed?

Wow !!!

I just decided "Beep it", and clicked CLOSE...

I looked up to the top right of my screen (near the battery, wifi, bluetooth) and its installed and fine.

So maybe the only BUG is that thing popping up telling us that there is a problem?

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