Is there a free soundfont with Uillean pipes?

• Jun 23, 2021 - 18:05

Hi all:
I have just begun creating a Musescore score of a beautiful piece of music called "Hymn for Hope", written by Rolf Lovland of the band, "Secret Garden". It contains an instrument called a Uillean pipe, which is a type of Irish bagpipe.

I have been unable to find any free soundfonts anywhere that contain a Uillean pipe instrument. Does anyone know of one, or can you recommend an orchestral instrument that sounds like a Uillean pipe?



Hi, the bagpipes from Crisis General MIDI ( ) are Uillean pipes (You only get chanter and drones in D, although you can easily modify that if you know how to use a soundfont editor, but there are no regulators samples). This is a fairly huge soundfont, but it contains some high quality instruments

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Reloup: The pipes are exactly what I was after. Good sound. Thanks so much for the tip. Using Polyphone, I added them to the Musescore_General.sf2 font, along with about 5 other instruments from other soundfonts, and will use that as my default, in the event I could use Uillian pipes again. They really are a nice instrument. Given that you've explored the other instruments in the Crisis soundfont, are there any that I should listen to, above and beyond the sounds in the default font, that have been significantly improved?

FYI, the best violin I've heard to date is a melodic soulful violin called "Violin (All around). You can find it in the free Sountfont4U website here in a soundfont named "EssentialKeys-sfzbanks". You can download it here:

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