Single note dynamics not working?

• Oct 8, 2020 - 18:56

As titled with the last two bars of score:

Single note dynamics looks not working?
I remembe with another socre, this new feature worked with a previus MS verision. Anything worng with this attached score iteself? Thanks!


You need to put a velocity change for it in the inspector since there is no dynamic mark after the hairpin. Use a positive number, MuseScore knows to get softer.

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You are right, according to online manual: "A hairpin may be used without dynamic marks, by adjusting "Velocity change" in the Inspector (values in the range 0 to 127)". But for this "velocity change" I tested different values for two hairpins from 0 to 127, it didn't work and the online manual doesn't explain much.
Other two ways of doing it: 1. add in invisible rests as voice two and invisible dynamics for them. 2. append an invisible bar at the end with an invisible dynamic. But "Velocity change" way would be the best practise if it works. Can you help more?

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There are a couple of things happening here. First, in staff/part properties you have Using Single note dynamics unchecked. This will assure it doesn't work. Next you have Flute as the sound rather than Flute Expr. in the mixer. If you are using the default (CC2 settings) in the synthesizer's dynamics tab then single note dynamics will not work on the sound. Finally as we both know, there is nothing telling the hairpin what the final velocity is supposed to be. I made sure all of these things were fixed and it worked.

There is a problem here. I usually use the CC11 settings in the synthesizer and get single note dynamics on a hairpin like this as long as I enter a number in velocity change. That is not happening in this score even after I turn on single note dynamics in the staff/part properties. To make sure I hadn't missed anything, I deleted the contents of the last 2 measures and reentered them and still don't get a volume change.

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When we are playing computer games, if there were a lot switches to be slide: some of them have two sliding positions, some of them have three, some of them have five, then the total possibility of combinations would be timed by the number of sliding positions of every steps. This new appealing attractive single note dynamic feature is new to everyone, and it's like a game with switches everywhere leaving users good fun to figure them out. Thanks I got your hint to solve the puzzle, as you could see I played with some switches and yet didn't get the correct combination of them. now it works great as:
初戀的地方 --- with CC 2.mscz
For CC 11 setting, I luckily made it working by sliding one of the switches:
初戀的地方 --- with CC 11.mscz
I know you can find it easily where.
Now enjoy this Taiwanese song "The Place of First Love". thanks again and good night!

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