Add style setting to control grace note distance and spacing

• Jul 20, 2019 - 11:43
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As titled with score and captures, appoggiatura auto placements needs improvement? by design one day?

Printed book looks good:

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Layout-wise there most probably is none, both are grace notes
Your sample score's style settings deviate from the defaults in quite many places, why?

Why not simply using measure stretch or system breaks rather than all sorce of minor tweaks? Score looks sa the same with default style and just a single system break at measure 8

My recommendation: don't. Deviate from those defaults only when absolutly neccessary, everything else is asking for trouble. If you want the score denser, reduce stretch. If that isn't enough, reduce the staff space setting (not neccessarily in the automatic increments those up/donw arrows in the dialog do, 0.2mm, but in smaller ones, 0.1mm or even 0.05mm).
Even if here it is entirely unrelated, as the grace note spacing is not involved.

I rely on MS's ability to handle all parameters variants it allows to intake, and I HAVE TO tidy score uo this way, or otherwise there is no point to use MS and just deal with book messy farmat to train my brain for a good memory of figuring out music structures.
thanks paying attention to this.

So the original looks very different from what you did to it in MuseScore 2. Those old-time engravers knew their job and how to create readable sheets...

Title 3.2.3 Appoggiatura Auto Placements? Add style setting for grace note distance
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The default placement seems decent enough. And if you set a crazy small minimum note distance, it shouldn't be surprise that you get a crazy small minimum note distance. But we could certainly consider a new style setting for grace note distance.

The grace note distance alone is not that much of a problem, but it becomes too close (read: should get more distance) when a slur gets added to it.

There is already a "minimum tie length" setting, we could start honoring that, or add another setting still, for slurs. Although really, it would probably be difficult to honor it for "normal" slurs due to how the layout works, but doing it for grace note slurs would probably be not hard.

+1 to the proposal. Note: Finale has a few options for grace note spacing: i.e. "Offset on entry" (the distance to the parent note); and "Minimum distance between".

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Let's hope it would be improved together with grace note stem height optimising with the next update. There are so many grace notes everywhere, they are basic & fundmental even in children's scores, they won't be left behind while other formattings are going well.

Title Add style setting for grace note distance Add style setting to control grace note distance and spacing

The following additional style properties for grace notes?

  • Grace note distance: This would set the distance between the parent note and the nearest grace note.
  • Grace note spacing: The spacing between grace notes in a series.

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I like these suggestions. Someone please let me know if these are now available style settings that I'm just not finding. I'm working on a part with a lot of appogiaturas, terminations, and long grace note scales... these grace note style settings would hopefully help (nothing I'm trying in the Inspector is working...sigh).