Multi-measure rest does not cover all measures which rest, IF... ...

• Sep 1, 2016 - 14:08
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S5 - Suggestion

For a violin and piano score, when a user press key "i" to show the instrument option, to hide the piano part (untick "Visible"), and then OK, and then press "m" to create a multi-measure rest, he would get the remaining violin score into a situation that not all the measures get covered in one measure with a number above it, IF, the hiden piano corresponding part contains dynamics: mf, f.....

Hope can see fix in the next Musescore version. This is a very important figure for windows 10 tablet, for direct reading (without printing) as a violin score with piano playing as ACC.


Why are you hiding the piano staves rather than simply generating parts? The latter is how MuseScore is intended to be used; hiding staves is not intended for this purpose.

That said, this does seem to be a bug. Steps to reproduce:

1) new score for two instruments
2) add dynamic to measure 5, instrument 2
3) edit / instruments, mark instrument 2 invisible
4) press "M" to enable mmrests

Result: rest for broken for the dynamic in the invisible staff. Works as expected for staff text but not dynamics for whatever reason. I guess that is because of this test:…

(and similar rest a little later)

Not sure what we are really trying to do here, but probably it should be checking for track first, then worrying about type. Or maybe checking system flag.

If you generate a part without piano, it won't sound on playback.
A hidden staff should be compeltly hidden, and not have any influence on the visible part, except for playback.

Hi, it's a good question and it's explained here, pls:

The whole point is: imaging you are playing one instrument, you write the other instruments scores to play as ACC with you, and instead of paper, you want read on your tablet a PDF like single instrument live score, you want this score in front of you turn pages automatically without foot pedal----- a real senaria every musician dose in. How do you achieve this?

In this way MuseScore is not simply just an editing and printly tool any more, it becomes a living part of music.