How to stop it shifting view of first page when I press space bar or play button?

• Jul 11, 2019 - 09:30

I've updated to MS3 and a most infuriating thing is now happening. Every time I press the space bar or the play button if I'm looking at any instrument low down on the first page of my score it resets the view! Up to the top left corner! This only happens on the first page, as soon as I move onto the second page of my score, I can press the space bar to play and the view remains unchanged, which is how it used to work in MS2 and is what I need if I want to play and watch my bass parts . This bug is absolutely maddening when I'm trying to play and view my bass parts on page one (which is when the bass part needs to be right - it doesn't matter so much once you get going ;) )


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The problem is if the system doesn't fit on screen and there is more than one system on the page, we cannot really know which portion of the screen you want to track. One might think this is easy, but when you actually delve into the code and think through what information we have at the time we move the cursor, it just turns out we don't know as much as you might think. There are certain special cases we try to do to guess, but they don't always work. This isn't really different between 2 & 3, although I suppose the specific cases where the guess is right vs wrong might differ slightly. It's often down to pretty subtle things like, how much empty space below the last staff of the system is on screen can affect the results.

If it's important to track these exact staves, and there is more than one system per page in page view, probably better to use Continuous view while doing this sort of work. Or you could just add some page breaks to force only one system per page.

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Marc - thanks, but surely all it has to do is NOT change my screen when I press the space bar. It was fine in v.2. Of course I need to see my bass parts. You know which portion of the screen I want to track because I HAVE SET MY SCREEN TO TRACK IT. So all you have to do is just stop changing how I've set my screen.

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I first encountered "system" when I started on Musescore. I needed to beat it into the ground for something I was writing. Here are my notes in case you need more than what jm6 just posted :)

"system: notation of a line of music including all the parts and voices involved, presented in a group of two or more staves which are joined together on the left hand side by a vertical bar (called a systemic barline) and a brace (the brace is not shown in this image)"

Essential Dictionary of Music Notation, Gerou and Lusk. :

"Two or more staves grouped together (with a systemic barline form a system.
A bracket groups staves into systems or parts of systems.
The first system of music is usually indented about 1/2 inch."

Also, do a Google search on (including the "site" stuff) :

"site: music system systemic barline"


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As I said, while I might seem obvious to a human looking at the screen what you want to track, the reality of how the code is set up makes it not nearly so obviously to actually compute this information at the moment it is needed, so we have to resort to some guessing. Not saying it is impossible to guess better in some cases, and if you are a programmer, you are welcome to study the code and make improvements.

But also as I said, this absolutely did happen in MuseScore 2, and MuseScore 1 before it - we've been getting these complaints from day one, and then tweaking how we guess in one case, improving that case but leaving another the same and maybe making another worse, etc, gradually getting somewhat better overall but still a long ways from perfect. The algorithm has evolved over the years in the specifics of how we guess in specific cases, but the basic code and data structures haven't really changed fundamentally for years. It's just a harder problem to solve that one might think if you're not familiar with the source.

Now, if you want to not change the change screen at all, that's easy - just turn off the "Pan score automatically" button on the toolbar, same as in MuseScore 2. But presumably you want it to still pan, just to pan smarterIn case you still doubt that this was a problem in MuseScore 2, here is a GIF I made just now in 2.3.2 showing exactly the same thing happening:


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