MuseScore at FOSDEM 2020

• Dec 9, 2019 - 09:04

MuseScore is going to rock FOSDEM 2020!

FOSDEM is the largest conference dedicated to OpenSource in Europe (in the world?) held February 1 and 2 in Brussels. MuseScore editor team will be there (2 devs, me and Martin Keary)!

We have a table to present MuseScore to FOSDEM visitors on Saturday, February 1st.

We welcome everyone to discuss the hottest topics and design/development plans together. Four years in a row, we will organise a traditional Saturday dinner to gather everyone together :)

If you'd like to meet us, including a dinner on Saturday evening, please leave a comment on this post.


I’ll be there as well. Probably not for dinner, as I’m most likely with another group, but definitely during the days. Will be nice to get some passion chocolate and meet you people in real life again.

Have fun! Again, can we have video chat when you're all there? Like Skype. I'll be very excited if we could talk "face to face"!

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Did you already settle on a location for dinner ? If not yet final, I quite liked last year's location, as it enabled me to travel by train. Any location within walking distance of a train station would be ideal for me. I would like to stay at least until after breakfast on Sunday.

I'll be there! Possibly giving a talk the Sunday with @MarcSabatella about accessibility in MuseScore.

Also, I plan to stay a few extra days in Europe to visit another city - maybe Amsterdam. Let me know if anyone wants to tag along!

I would love to participate however I have no conditions due to distance, I live in Brazil.
Would you like to know how you have this beautiful blouse with the musescore logo?
Could I have one?
Hug to all and much success in the event.

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