Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Split measure does not apply selected barline type neGjodsbol 6 7 months ago
Issue Some elements flipped via "X" command do not survive save/reload Marc Sabatella 5 7 months ago
Issue Concert Pitch does not show up on consecutive pages eljakim 6 7 months ago
Issue Select rests in Range Selection no longer works cadiz1 6 7 months ago
Issue Resizing hairpin displaces other elements TheOtherJThistle 3 7 months ago
Issue Make it possible to select rests of the same duration mike320 5 7 months ago
Issue Fingering with square frame have a duplicated frametype's tag in mscx handrok 2 7 months ago
Issue Segfault on opening Mixer, Play Panel, Synthesizer TheOtherJThistle 7 7 months ago
Issue Failure when entering note with mouse under the staff in Continuous View cadiz1 11 7 months ago
Issue Select/More for rests is broken cadiz1 18 7 months ago
Issue Copying and pasting two measures with rests causes floating-point exception TheOtherJThistle 9 7 months ago
Book page Automated tests TheOtherJThistle 0 7 months ago
Issue Wrong naming of rows in timeline view when grand staff is present drowo 11 8 months ago
Issue Assertion failure on trying to insert Figured Bass in debug build of MuseScore dmitrio95 12 8 months ago
Issue Assertion failure in debug build when entering figured bass TheOtherJThistle 3 8 months ago
Issue Frames are not read correctly 2.x->3.0 TheOtherJThistle 10 8 months ago
Issue Bind Ctrl+Shift+S to 'Save As...' TheOtherJThistle 1 8 months ago
Issue Adding text causes assertion failure TheOtherJThistle 7 8 months ago
Issue Chord symbols don't allocate space horizontally Marc Sabatella 7 8 months ago
Issue can't drag foto mode lasso Jojo-Schmitz 7 8 months ago
Issue Segfault when selecting first measure with a barline that isn't an EndBarLine TheOtherJThistle 6 8 months ago
Issue Text: Border radius in "Text Style" lost in MS 3-dev geetar 11 8 months ago
Issue Rehearsal marks: customised Border radius lost in MS 3-dev geetar 8 8 months ago
Issue Swing text changes from System Text to Staff Text 2.x->3.0 TheOtherJThistle 9 8 months ago
Forum topic Loud, Obnoxious Popping Sounds DaforLynx 39 9 months ago