Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Parts of a score can overlap footer JohnJ1995 3 12 hours ago
Issue Italic text appended to a dynamic not correctly imported JohnJ1995 1 1 week ago
Issue Cresc. (and Dim.) lines are not correctly imported JohnJ1995 5 1 week ago
Issue Regression: display of beam properties for a selected note JohnJ1995 15 2 weeks ago
Issue Removing a text frame causes a second one to appear and leads to crash after new removal cadiz1 10 2 weeks ago
Issue clef change in one staff adds unnecessary spacing in other staves s.chriscollins 3 2 weeks ago
Issue Ottavas are not correctly imported JohnJ1995 10 2 weeks ago
Issue Cannot open Brass Quartet and Brass Quintet templates trombonius 9 2 weeks ago
Issue Incorrect behavior of a cross-staff measure rest JohnJ1995 4 3 weeks ago
Issue Short stems when notes are beamed across barlines mike320 6 1 month ago
Issue Problem when entering a whole note JohnJ1995 5 1 month ago
Issue Minor bug when logging in to your account JohnJ1995 0 1 month ago
Issue Improvements for JohnJ1995 1 2 months ago
Issue Updates to contributor page, admin guidelines Riaan van Niekerk 1 2 months ago
Issue Bad layout of beam with first note set to beam middle JohnJ1995 2 2 months ago
Issue Autoplacement cannot be turned off for pedals JohnJ1995 7 2 months ago
Issue Mixer displays Zerberus patch names even though Fluid is being used JohnJ1995 7 3 months ago
Issue Corruption of an imported score JohnJ1995 1 3 months ago
Issue Incorrect display of workspaces after installing MDL JohnJ1995 10 3 months ago
Issue Error opening file created in 2.3.2 JohnJ1995 7 3 months ago
Issue Ottavas not displaying correctly JohnJ1995 1 3 months ago
Issue [2.X->3.0] Issues with autoplacement of cresc. and dim. lines JohnJ1995 5 3 months ago
Issue Minor issues with website - 404 errors JohnJ1995 3 4 months ago
Issue Issue when extending a slur over a section break JohnJ1995 1 6 months ago
Issue Error in playback of voltas with clef changes or dynamics JohnJ1995 8 8 months ago