Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Time signature properties should apply to all selected time signatures where possible geetar 20 1 month ago
Issue Incorrect playback of arpeggio with tied notes JohnJ1995 9 5 months ago
Issue Incorrect size of dynamics after pressing undo in text edit mode JohnJ1995 3 8 months ago
Issue Incorrect default position of a marcato articulation JohnJ1995 3 8 months ago
Issue Notes above C5 do not sound on bugles JohnJ1995 6 9 months ago
Issue Opening a 2.3.2 score with problematic cross-staff notes causes a crash JohnJ1995 3 9 months ago
Issue Accidental collides with ledger lines JohnJ1995 3 9 months ago
Issue Error in playback of voltas with clef changes or dynamics JohnJ1995 11 10 months ago
Issue Volta collides with system items JohnJ1995 3 10 months ago
Issue Rest auto avoidance flawed mike320 16 11 months ago
Issue Arpeggio collides with repeat barline JohnJ1995 1 11 months ago
Issue Wrong curly bracket scaling when using MuseJazz njvdberg 12 11 months ago
Issue Curly braces do not scale with staff when Bravura or MuseJazz font is used AlijamMusic 22 1 year ago
Issue Bad autoplacement of cross-staff accidentals JohnJ1995 2 1 year ago
Issue Incorrect placement of a notehead JohnJ1995 1 1 year ago
Issue Hiding courtesy time signature only works for the first staff JohnJ1995 12 1 year ago
Issue Cresc. (and Dim.) lines are not correctly imported JohnJ1995 6 1 year ago
Issue Some issues when inserting text JohnJ1995 5 1 year ago
Issue Issues with ottavas JohnJ1995 8 1 year ago
Issue Problem selecting and entering a whole note geetar 13 1 year ago
Issue Problem when entering a whole note JohnJ1995 6 1 year ago
Issue Version 3.4 is likely to crash if no score is loaded JohnJ1995 9 1 year ago
Issue Bad layout of beam with first note set to beam middle JohnJ1995 4 1 year ago
Issue Short stems when notes are beamed across barlines mike320 8 1 year ago
Issue Regression: display of beam properties for a selected note JohnJ1995 25 1 year ago