Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Crash when deleting a local Time Signature. njvdberg 7 1 day ago
Issue Disappearing beam while editing slur node worldwideweary 6 2 days ago
Issue Staff/Part properties >> Advanced Style Properties >> Stemless crashes MuseScore tobik 13 1 week ago
Issue Don't eliminate layout elements upon some cases of time signature change Jojo-Schmitz 16 1 week ago
Issue Add System lines sammik 9 1 week ago
Issue Layout shift of slur after reload worldwideweary 24 1 week ago
Issue Spacing for center-aligned chords not honored until second layout geetar 10 1 week ago
Issue Inconsistent alignment of chord name above fretboard njvdberg 3 1 week ago
Issue Chord symbols jump when user goes into edit mode geetar 8 1 week ago
Issue Continuous view: white block appears when wallpaper changed from default to PNG image khalladay1 21 2 weeks ago
Issue Changing the order of the instruments (staves) RV 10 2 weeks ago
Issue Respell pitches gayres 10 3 weeks ago
Issue Score layout shifts when saved etc. geetar 14 3 weeks ago
Issue Note beam height changes when other parts of the score are adjusted geetar 2 3 weeks ago
Issue String number under slur interferes with slur. njvdberg 3 3 weeks ago
Issue Request: Add track names to exported midi file Sambaji 17 4 weeks ago
Issue Figured bass continuation not drawn to end note in voice > 1 BSG 49 4 weeks ago
Issue Crash on copying a measure Number Marr11317 3 4 weeks ago
Issue Show instrument name on lower staff when upper staff of multi-staff instrument is empty and hidden jcorelis 16 1 month ago
Forum topic Is this the result I should get when using regroup rhythms? xavierjazz 10 1 month ago
Issue Assertion failure on adding instrument change in score with parts dmitrio95 16 1 month ago
Issue B# and Cb octave change [DELETED] 120107 22 1 month ago
Issue Regroup Rhythms doesn't handle tuplets correctly njvdberg 7 1 month ago
Issue Tie broken when using Split Staff brunohpnunes 6 1 month ago
Issue mouse stucks in "drag" mode Amijai Shalev 20 1 month ago